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In the era of Internet ready decoration, can go far? Sohu, science and technology has reached the scale of the huge home market of nearly 4 trillion and is still expanding, attracted, including millet, Taobao, Jingdong and other large U.S. Internet Co to come to denver. They try to penetrate into the lucrative market from every aspect, and tap the profit point. But the recent burst of complaints, workers on foot, quality problems once again let people start to look at this cool air blowing new things. 699 yuan, and 599 yuan a package in the end of the Internet in this part of the price of cabbage, ready, a huge system of customer requirements in all sorts of strange things, what can get much satisfaction? The Internet platform itself does not Jiezhuang construction teams, it is set on the Internet at the housing "castles in the air"? In such an intermediary based model, the Internet home improvement can go far? "Bad" threshold at platform Internet Co who want to flow through the distribution of a certain industry restructuring, but this practice is really so many restaurants, such as trade shops and other traditional industries have undergone great changes. Many of the original is not well-known enterprises or products, with the flow of diversion of the Internet, almost overnight was known. But most of the home improvement industry business, is not the case. Because of the particularity of the home — hundreds of small construction link, the style is appropriate for appreciation, even all sorts of strange things habits, may eventually lead to the construction of the household to decorate a company on the poor, or low. This led to a lot of businesses do not want to easily settled home improvement platform. The author compares the actual number of traditional business platform set up shop on the home improvement company, found its most dynamic store ratings show "green" (Taobao provided below the peer as the standard green display, Taobao home counterparts the standard classification is not clear, some investigation found that "the game calls"), and in poor quantity, is generally high. Difficult to manage the ultra short duration for those who do not want to miss the Internet traffic bonus period of home improvement companies, the most familiar look at the situation quote method has been unable to apply for electricity supplier showcase. Electric window is generally for those who have "standard quality, the price of the product design, design concept, and no price describe abstract can not be hung on the sales of electronic business platform, so the" ready "to be the first moved Jiezhuang standard products on business platform"". But even so there has been a standard price of the decoration products, the Internet is still required before the quantitative transformation. Because the electricity supplier transactions agreed transaction completion time to accomplish this transaction time limit, mandatory many Jiezhuang companies have to re-examine the decoration time, avoid foul in trading in time. Then some "ready" products to the main electricity supplier selling point of consumption, and will shorten the time limit and shorten the final decoration, the decoration is much less than the contract time consuming traditional decoration. However, this approach, but also lead to more problems. For example: due to the renovation of the construction errors caused by too fast or not careful, decoration, such as overtime. As a group of very early in the electricity business platform trying to sell packaged products love)相关的主题文章: