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Indoorsman addicted to the game to upgrade the credit card fraud by netizens more than 20 thousand man Lee Shandong after graduation to find a satisfactory job at home, addicted to the game. In order to get money, Lee added a lot of WeChat friends, the final fraud Yucheng users 2 yuan. August 19th, Lee man was under criminal detention. "I sent him a credit card with no money. He thought it was okay. Who knew he was overdrawn more than 20 thousand." Yucheng man Jeong said regretfully. It is understood that Lee is 26 years old, Shandong City, Zaozhuang Province, after graduating from college about three years ago, because it has not been able to find a satisfactory job, home to play games at home. But Lee’s family was not good, the parents in the case of persuasion failed, only heave great sighs. Later, really can not help but to quarrel with his son a few times. May 2015, because of work, Lee once again by his parents to blame, his self-esteem hit, they will be tough to fight back to their parents, and then their lives do not let them. Parents angrily don’t tube he. After less than three months, Lee money spent There is not much left., so moving from the crooked brains. He began to search for some common tricks on the Internet, at last, he took a fancy to help others credit card in the name of free upgrade scam. From then on, he began to add WeChat friends in WeChat, fraud to blandishments. In order to expand the business, he added hundreds of WeChat friends, and friends desperately to introduce their business, but were rebuffed. When Lee get disheartened, Henan County of Yucheng province Zheng suddenly showed deep interest. Lee overjoyed, deliberately push three drag four, said about how hard it is. Two people tested each other for more than half a month later, in August 20, 2015, Lee finally agreed to change the card for jeong. So, Jeong has gone to Li Mouji three credit card upgrade. Lee to get a credit card, to upgrade the grounds to Zheng asked the credit card password, and then played a missing. Because there is no money in the card, Jeong also not as one thing. July 2016, Jeong suddenly received a bank tip message: 3 credit cards were repeatedly malicious overdraft, totaling more than 2 yuan. Zheng this panic, and quickly went to Yucheng County Public Security Bureau police squad report. After nearly a month of police efforts, and ultimately confirmed the whereabouts of the suspect Lee, and arrested him. Lee said he lied to Zheng’s credit card after the success, 3 credit card to cheat to recycle consumption, which will be a bank card and a bank card were raised to the amount of 20 thousand yuan, then the credit card cash for their own life, cash advance of more than 2 yuan has not yet. At present, the suspect Lee has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: