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The three international aerobatic team debut China aviation town – Beijing, Beijing, Hubei, Jingmen, September 30 (Cao Xufeng Wang Yuanyuan) in September 30th, 2016 international flight show love to fly in the aviation Town — Hubei Jingmen love to fly off the town held. The same day, the three major international famous aerobatic team: Bumblebee performing team, lightning performance team and the Three Musketeers team, in more than 10 thousand viewers witness, was done in collaboration with "hover" and "stall turn" and "synchronization loop" and "wing walk" and other classic special skills. Participate in the performance of the aircraft including JUKA (Youka), YAK52 (Jacques, 52), WASP (Hornets), VIKING (Viking), Sukhoi26, Sukhoi31 and many other models. The world’s top stunt pilot, love to fly aerobatics team captain Jacob said, with the rapid development of Chinese aircraft industry, all countries in China stunt pilot stunt flying will become the norm. The aerobatics, attracted from more than and 100 of the world’s general aircraft manufacturers, shipping companies and related institutions involved in the field of navigation, amphibious aircraft, helicopters, on fixed wing aircraft, aerobatic plane, powered parachute, hot air balloon, more than 100 aircraft pass by aircraft. Among them, the AVIC aircraft including hawk 500, cirrus SR20, Golden Eagle airship, A2C amphibious aircraft, seagull 300 aircraft model aircraft; international general aviation giant Cessna Aircraft Co in the United States, Germany, the United States Baer light aircraft company helicopter company, American cirrus aircraft company joint exhibition. The general manager of AVIC general aircraft limited liability company Song Qingguo think, accelerate the local aviation industry comprehensive and diversified development, the "flying" into public life, will become one of the Chinese new cultural trend. According to reports, the Sino French cooperation aerostat, overloading the aircraft industry to fly through the ultra light sport aircraft, aviation Hubei general airport management company, China aircraft oil companies and other large projects will be located in Jingmen love to fly off the town. In 2015, Jingmen city held the first love to fly off the flight assembly, 105 aircraft from overseas exhibitors, 57 aircraft involved in the dynamic performance. The event is jointly organized by the Jingmen municipal government, the Hubei Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, AVIC General Aviation Co., ltd.. (end)相关的主题文章: