IPhone 77 plus first week sales exposure far better than iPhone 6-kaya scodelario

IPhone 7 7 Plus sold in the first week of exposure is far better than iPhone 6 last week, Apple announced iPhone, 7 Plus and iPhone 7 bright black version of the first delivery of the world has been sold out, so in the end of the first week of the new iPhone to sell how much? Third party research institutions Localytics tracking data show that the first week sales of the iPhone 7 series with iPhone 6S is slightly lower than the latter, specifically iPhone 7 sales accounted for iPhone market share of 1%, and 7 Plus in 0.2%. Over the same period last year listed on the iPhone 6 series, the first week of 6S sales ratio is 1%, while the 6S Plus sales ratio is 0.3%, that is to say whether it is 6S or 7, are far from the iPhone 6 listed a week 2% height. Localytics stressed that the actual users to buy iPhone 7 may be greater than the data in the table, because there are not received or waiting for apple to deliver goods, of course, even if these are added in iPhone 6 is far from the original hot. Because the appearance did not change, is not optimistic about the outside world iPhone 7 series, but the first week of sales people have accidents, want to buy a shiny black or iPhone 7 Plus to pre emptive.

iPhone 7 7 Plus首周销量曝光 远不如iPhone 6上周,苹果公布,iPhone 7 Plus以及亮黑色版本iPhone 7首批供货全球已经卖完,那么到底首周新iPhone卖出了多少呢?第三方机构调研机构Localytics追踪后的数据显示,iPhone 7系列首周的销量跟iPhone 6S相当,略低于后者,具体来说就是iPhone 7销售比例占iPhone市场份额的1%,而7 Plus在0.2%。去年同期上市的iPhone 6系列,6S的首周的销售比例也是1%,而6S Plus的销售比例则是0.3%,也就是说不管是6S还是7,都远没有达到iPhone 6上市一周2%的高度。Localytics最后强调,实际用户购买iPhone 7的可能要比表中的数据多,因为还有一些没有收到或者等待苹果发货的,当然就算这些都加入进去也远没有达到iPhone 6当初的火爆。由于外观基本没有变化,外界并不看好iPhone 7系列,不过首周的销量让人有点意外,想买亮黑色或者是iPhone 7 Plus的要先下手为强咯。相关的主题文章: