It can be anything that you want to stick together. It’s a real thing

It can be anything that you want to stick together, it is really true – Sohu technology to bring you unprecedented pleasure Mid Autumn Festival is over… But the three day is not enough fun, 2 did not begin to rest on and work. However, think about two weeks later ushered in the eleven day of the small holiday, I feel it is time to plan to go out of the wave of the seven.. Since you want to go out to travel, it is necessary to prepare the goods in advance, today to bring a few bad friends home travel items.. The first thing, a shock.. Toothbrush, think the difference of their friends go to wall.. The black market goods to understand more teeth OraCleen intelligent toothbrush you to tell the truth, the first time that the two things, never thought it would be a toothbrush.. Until he opened the lid.. Can only say that this is indeed a distinctive toothbrush.. Whether it is outside the packaging. (brush a tooth you how to return to heaven) or interior design.. Do not want to blame the bad friends. The box is mainly these things.. (white paragraph two brush head, black upgrade version of a total of six brush head) OraCleen is an easy to carry smart electric toothbrush.. The handle of the toothbrush is only 53g, and the length is longer than that of the ordinary pen.. (cover the lid, do not worry about the head was dirty ~) women can also be directly thrown into the cosmetic bag.. Ceramic paint materials produced by using sonic cleaning technology, OraCleen still looks high-end ~, according to the Asian physical design, each 15000 minute vibration frequency, to bring our teeth and massage like fresh feeling, but does not hurt our gums. A total of three different functions of the brush head. Standard brush head, the use of a double knife cutting technology, brush on both sides of the concave convex concave, while protecting the gums can provide us with a better whitening effect. To remove the brush head, the use of imported top double helix hard hair, you can achieve a better effect of removing stains.. Gum brush head, the use of the top of the double helix grinding tip very fine hair, but also a comprehensive care of our sensitive gums. OraCleen also uses a unique intelligent induction charging, just put the toothbrush on the charging rack, it will automatically charge. The most important thing is full of electricity needs only eight hours, you can use nearly 40 days, the 40 day ah, no matter where you travel do not have to worry about electricity.. Support IPX7 waterproof, can be a direct body cleaning, even in the bathroom and other wet environment can be assured that the use of. Of course, OraCleen is not just for travel, usually at home can also bring you a better experience.. OraCleen has a matching App, we can connect the phone via bluetooth. App will show the power of the toothbrush, we brush all kinds of data. A相关的主题文章: