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Japanese media: nearly 200 ships ship approaching their 44 Japanese Chinese ship shot – Sohu Military Channel global network reported: the Japanese government in recent years will Chinese fishing as a threat, the Japanese media have repeatedly hype fishing problem. Japan’s Sankei Shimbun "reported on 23 February in eastern Hokkaido waters near Japan’s exclusive economic zone operation model Chinese fishing nets soaring volume. The Japanese Fisheries Agency announced that the number of China fishing boat in 2015 witnessed the rise to 194 ships. China fishing boats not only "wild fishing in the East China Sea, but also into the near Japan North Pacific fishery. The Japanese side that poses a great threat and the impact on Japan’s fisheries resources, Fisheries Department has stepped up surveillance, Chinese requirements as soon as possible to stop the "endless boundless explosion of fish behavior. Japan’s fisheries agency are extremely worried, said in 2014 the basic does not work in the area of Chinese fishing, but last year, confirmed the boats up to 194 ships, including large fishing boats of 1000 tons, 1500 tons. And said the Chinese fishing boat to fry, including all fish caught, it belongs to illegal fishing, most likely caused by Japan’s fisheries personnel to reduce the amount of fishing, aquatic resources damage etc.. The report also pointed out that China has been taken to prohibit the construction of tiger fishing nets and other measures, but without the permission of new tiger net fishing authorities is still increasing, and the work is further extended to the North pacific. Japan will reduce the amount of fishing was also blamed on the Chinese fishing boat, and expressed great attention and vigilance. Reported that the Japanese government will continue to search for the Sino Japanese Fisheries Committee asked the Chinese fishing boat cut time. The fisheries agency said it had started the 44 surveillance ship to supervise Chinese fishing.

日媒:近200艘中国大船逼近本国 日方44船出手-搜狐军事频道  环球网报道:日本政府近年将中国渔船视为威胁,日本媒体也拿渔船问题进行多次炒作。日本《产经新闻》2月23日报道称,在日本北海道东部的专属经济区水域附近作业的中国新型卷网渔船不断激增。日本水产厅公布,2015年目击到的中国渔船数上升至194艘。中国渔船不仅在东海进行“狂捕”,还进入临近日本的北太平洋渔场作业。日方认为这对日本的渔业资源造成巨大威胁和影响,水产厅已加强监视,要求中国尽快停止“无止境无边界的爆渔”行为。   日本水产厅对此极为担忧,表示2014年基本没有在该海域作业的中国渔船,然而去年一年间,经确认的渔船已达194艘,其中不乏1000吨级、1500吨级的大型渔船。并称中方渔船欲将包括鱼苗在内的所有鱼一网打尽,这属于非法捕捞,极有可能造成日本国内的渔业人员捕鱼量减少、水产资源损害等。   报道还指出,中国当局曾采取禁止建造虎网渔船等措施,然而未经当局允许私自新造的虎网渔船还在不断增加,并且作业进一步延伸到北太平洋。日方将鲭鱼捕获量减少也怪罪于中方渔船,并表示十分重视和警惕。   报道称,日方政府今后将继续寻找中日渔业委员会等时机要求中方削减渔船。水产厅表示已经全面启动44艘监视船对中国渔船进行监管。相关的主题文章: