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Le P1 hot Jingdong to raise the public, surprise more than travel tools – Sohu technology main innovation Jingdong all the chips have become a popular product testing field, the success of the product in all the chips generally have a good prospect and expectation. September 6th, Le P1 micro electric car once again shocked the congregation to raise the community, and make enough money for the smart travel. With excellent performance and exquisite design, Le line P1 micro electric vehicles on the line to raise the amount of the day to break 10 million. The electric car into the robot line P1 micro electric car fire has its inevitable. In early September 2nd the dealer meeting appeared not sold before the fire order in the 6 day event, the domestic launch congregation set off online fans at the same time, the German IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin on the same line Le P1 micro electric vehicle manufacturing Chinese brand blockbuster, will hit the old brand industrial power. The line order stack and raise public online, so this spent two years grinding out travel tool with the demonstration effect of Internet platform let outstanding innovative products quickly into thousands of households. However, popular music is the root for P1 micro electric vehicle itself in the design and performance of excellence, is the face of urban travel difficult pain points and gives an excellent solution, and the high cost of impeccable. Since its inception, the world with a strong taste of the smart manufacturing genes, good things will be combined with intelligent hardware. In the beginning of the main market at 2B line and enterprise users, have developed a cleaning robot, explosion-proof robot icicle and pipeline cleaning robot and other products. Benefit from this, a music world in recent years the introduction of travel products, not only for travel and travel, on the contrary, with the development of robot concept, through data analysis to meet the individual needs of users, strengthening travel tools perception, visual, auditory and tactile dimensions, make travel more intelligent products. Travel artifact, more than last 5 kilometers of electric vehicles in the past two years has been the mainstream of city life vehicles, to make up for the lack of public transport and private cars, economy and convenience of the unified led to the formation of a large user base. But most electric cars can not avoid two problems, one is life time, the two is its own weight. Because many people choose electric cars as a means of transport, but considering the price low, meet the work demand, not much hope on other properties. In other words, due to the current product mix, users of high standards, high cost of demand is suppressed. In fact, in addition to meet the short distance travel needs, there is still much room for improvement in general electric vehicles. In addition to the small battery capacity bottlenecks, bulky design to the electric car storing a lot of inconvenience, the big city in the land is very obvious. In simple terms, the ordinary electric car and can not have a long life, convenient lightweight two goals. Le P1 micro electric car appeared to subvert the people for understanding — electric car whole car length is less than one meter, the body weight is only 12kg, can be placed in the trunk, into the elevator, the average adult single hand can easily brought into the subway.相关的主题文章: