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Let the shell Jinsheng industry into intelligent hot column flows Zhuo Lang thousand thousand shares on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App Xinjiang urban construction set the tone: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selected Niugu tournament Lin shares / trainee reporter Li Shaopeng Sun Fang, editor of the suspension of the Xinjiang urban Construction announced yesterday since the end of May restructuring framework: the company will in stripping the existing business at the same time, in Jinsheng industry Kinoshita Takuro smart 100% stake; Jinsheng industry Xinjiang urban construction of existing assets and liabilities in the replacement, will be synchronized to the listed company is the controlling shareholder of Urumqi SASAC, the transfer of assets, in exchange for the latter holds 22.11% of the listed companies shares. From the framework of the restructuring, after the completion of the transaction, the Xinjiang urban construction will be the main achievement of the "reborn" and "change of control right". According to the Xinjiang urban construction of the latest announcement, Jiangsu Jinsheng industry Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "gold industry") has become the controlling shareholder of Urumqi state owned Assets Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") of the shares of the company held by the transferee intends to transfer agreement. Such as the completion of the transfer, the state-owned company will hold 30 million 70 thousand shares of the company, accounting for the total share capital of 4.45%, gold industry will hold about $149 million (excluding the shares of the asset restructuring), accounting for 22.11% of the total share capital. Previously, the Xinjiang urban construction were released on July 27th, respectively, the controlling shareholder intends to transfer the shares of the public and the collection of the announcement of the transferee in the. According to the disclosure, as of the end of the public collection, only the gold industry to submit the required registration materials, and pay margin. As a result, the preliminary determination of the transfer of gold shares for the proposed transfer of shares. In addition, the Xinjiang urban construction yesterday also disclosed with the state-owned assets and the company’s major asset restructuring related matters signed a major asset restructuring framework agreement (referred to as the restructuring framework). According to the restructuring framework, the restructuring of the transaction by the replacement of assets, the issue of shares to buy assets, the transfer of assets to undertake the transfer of state-owned shares and other three parts. The specific contents are as follows: first, the Xinjiang urban construction will be set out the assets and liabilities, equity or equivalent value of Zhuo Lang intelligent industrial holdings of gold and the replacement; listed companies to issue of shares to buy Zhuo Lang intelligent all the remaining equity; state owned company or its designated to undertake the subject will undertake Xinjiang construction of the home and by the state-owned assets, the company to Jinsheng industry to transfer its holdings of 22.11% shares of listed companies to undertake as set out the assets of the transaction price. The three part of the restructuring of the framework agreement, the content of reciprocal conditions, any one of them is not effective or is unable to implement, the other two will be effective or not implemented. According to the investigation, Jin Sheng industry is a private enterprise established in 2000, the business sector involved in textile machinery, agricultural machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, etc.. Xinjiang urban construction intended to be placed in the "Zhuo Lang intelligence" should refer to Zhuo Lang Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., was renamed in June this year, its original name for the Lang Lang Textile Machinery Co., ltd.. In addition, in July 25th this year, in August 29th, the introduction of two new shares of the wisdom of the wisdom of Lang相关的主题文章: