Li Hanxuan 9.10 frozen production once again fell through, the crude oil asphalt next week midline e

Li Hanxuan: 9.10 frozen production once again fell through, the crude oil asphalt next week midline empty single layout Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In recent years, a lot of investment friends, when they do a single, often without a stop, I do not know whether these friends are forgotten, or deliberately not, or other reasons. The result is that the unilateral market encountered a single pull explosion, but by this time only regret the green intestines, however this does not alleviate the quilt mood. Han Xuan has been stressed that the risk control is very important, the market is constantly changing, we must give their own funds and insurance, so even if the emergency event come we can minimize losses out, or even quit. As long as there is money in what you are not afraid, if you put money in a market in the whole block, the end result is a lose lose the whole game, many friends are aware of the terrible investment, but at the time of the operation or not hesitate to choose the anti single, but I still hope you understand that even if you carry over can bring much profit to you? What can you do without it? A brief review of the market this week, crude oil prices this week as usual wonderful, although Monday’s labor day, but the rhythm of the market had not been interrupted, because Russia and Saudi Arabia on rhetoric to freeze and other factors, the international oil price has been boosted, makes for the U.S. oil to $46 mark, the highest hit 46.53 the dollar, after the Saudi energy minister Farich said there is no need to temporarily freeze, making international oil prices fell rapidly, the moment after taking down; Tuesday without what important fundamentals, but the market is still good, open wheel rebound ascribed blocked $45.6 then fell, fell to near $43.8, followed by a slight rebound until closing; Wednesday market is gone a shock upstream market, although intraday fell slightly but did not break up the rhythm of Zhou Siya; A plate to go after the shocks, stimulated by the EIA data, a wave of rebound directly to break $47.75; Friday is surprising go a unilateral decline. Crude oil, the main factor affecting the crude oil market is still frozen production agreement, the Fed rate hike and supply and demand. Freeze production agreement with Iran is not clear that the production statement has become whirling, although Saudi Arabia jointly expressed support for Russia to reach agreement and freeze production to put pressure on Iran to freeze production contributed to achieve agreement. But we take into account the long-term contradictions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the old friends can really reach a consensus is difficult to achieve. Besides the Iran chicken thief so want to stay out of the frozen production support agreement, they do not contribute to want to enjoy the benefits of cold production agreement. With Iran this move can make the agreement to achieve a very low yield agreement. Besides if the two "buddy" is really so easy to reach a consensus if production agreement cannot be frozen until now, finally last make such is not just raise a Babel of criticism of the theory.相关的主题文章: