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Life | in 101 of the most beautiful, the most unforgettable experience in California Wine Tour – Sohu and Abstract: California is one of the most important Wine areas of the United States, and as one of the most beautiful in the world is Highway 101 highway runs through them. Follow the red wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) set foot on the 101, to harvest a doomed extraordinary wine travel. U.S. Highway 101 is a highway along the west coast of the United States, this road is almost close to the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, along the sea and mountains together, very spectacular, is considered one of the world’s most beautiful road. Wine fans can select one section of a self driving tour from Losangeles (Los Angeles) start, stop and go all the way to the Anderson Valley (Anderson Valley), along the way to explore California Wine. Losangeles Losangeles assembled a large number of unique bar, from the small bar style fresh and warm style to strange rock, from cheap Wine to precious wine, as long as you can think of, here can meet you. Losangeles recommend a bar to go to Augustin (Augustine), A.O.C. bar and (Esters) bar, etc.. Santa Barbara about 1.5 hours drive from Losangeles to Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) — one of the famous Wine region of California. The soil type is very rich, with plenty of sunshine, the wine is very beautiful, known as the wine lovers adventure paradise. In Santa Barbara must not miss the place is post No. two (Hitching Post II) restaurant, here is a famous American film "sideways" (Sideways) was filmed here, providing the most delicious steak and Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) Wine. Paso Rob Mars left Santa Barbara to drive 2 hours to arrive at Paso Rob Mars (Paso Robles), here you can find the most meet the taste of the delicacy, met the most beautiful scenery of the vineyard. Paso Rob Mars is the largest area of California, with about 260 wineries. In order to facilitate the Wine lovers come to visit, there is also supporting a number of distinctive restaurants and hotels, the hotel Cheval (Cheval) is a good choice. The journey from San Francisco to Paso Rob Mars (San Francisco) is probably the longest time for you to go on a tour of wine, which takes about 4 hours by car from San Francisco. San Francisco is a very diverse city, this diversity is not only reflected in the culture, the food is more obvious. In many restaurants in San Francisco, you can choose to take Wine, so you can choose a restaurant, you will harvest a few days before the journey out of a wine tasting. Napa Valley and Norma county cable from San Francisco to the United States most prestigious Wine areas — the Napa Valley (Napa Valle!相关的主题文章: