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Long distance running, the old driver to teach you 5 strokes do not sleep! Sohu – car driving his car to the long-distance travel, many people yearn for life. Scenery all the way, all the way to understand, and then a Xu Wei’s "travel", simply very comfortable. Tomorrow is a holiday, everybody was eager for a fight to get ready. Self driving travel, the driver as a friend, the most headache is how not to make a mess. You dropped nearly twenty years, a single day up over 1100 miles, but to tell the truth, especially the psychological fear of sleepy. I remember a few times after waking up to sleep, the moment is scared out of a sweat. China’s road traffic safety law implementation regulations, continuous driving motor vehicles for more than 4 hours did not stop the rest or stop the rest time of less than 20 minutes is fatigue driving"! Below, I will share some ways to relieve fatigue driving with my friends. A 20 minutes of sleep, you not wrong, take the car to find a safe parking place, such as high speed Rest Area the parking lot, set the alarm clock 20 minutes of sleep, is the most effective and safest way. When you are aware of your fatigue and slow reaction, and quickly find a parking place, wake up you will find that this is the world’s most sweet sleep! This 20 minutes, often can make you energetic to open four or five hours! Two, drink drinks come on, many of my friends feel sleepy drink Red Bull drinks. Not running speed, can also be used with a few cans. Feel the results were OK, but I feel strange after drinking. But some people think it’s useless to drink. This can only vary from person to person. You can also drink can make you refreshing things, such as tea or other. Of course, there are friends who smoke or eat a few mint gum refreshing. Three, constantly adjust the driving position window ventilation, breathing fresh air. Move every 5 minutes, such as the location of the steering wheel ah, ass sitting, etc.. These small adjustments, the nerve can be isolated from the highway monotonous visual stimuli temporarily released. Four, the largest volume of music + long drive process, in fact, what kind of music is the key. If it is soothing music, will soon bring the passengers into the dream. In this case, the driver is also very easy to be trapped. At this time, to change some dynamic music, and then to the maximum volume, together with excitement, can effectively expel morpheus! For novice drivers, we must learn to relax the nerves, such as feeling tired into the service area. Because speed is more likely to make people nervous, and sustained tension for a few hours, people are usually very tired, and then lead to a sleepy. Five, from this way to the end. From, can be said to be the most recommended way. When I was young, we learn "the first cantilever cone", driving sleepy to refresh, it works. Somebody pinch thighs, someone slap herself, some people say think are the most effective pulling nose hair, cool acid! To tell the truth, this recipe also used the consonance effect, can indeed, quite a few minutes, but the effect is not lasting! Finally, a small sum up, these 5 basic strokes!相关的主题文章: