Long sleeved shirt + jeans Victoria Song led the new law was forced to love didadi

Led long sleeved shirt + jeans Victoria Song’s new dress people have to love lead: the golden season finally came to wear long sleeved shirts! Long sleeved shirt + jeans in this season, new. Read their interpretation, really can not wear every day oh! (source: ELLE content Chinese network) modeling effect with the song Qianxue wearing skinny jeans simple and stylish people who do not love? The recent entry airport, Victoria Song interpretation of the other by a long sleeved shirt + jeans fashion shirt Qianbai song: a helping hand help collocation jeans gold rimmed glasses +VETEMENTS white striped shirt + skinny jeans +Chanel green chain bag, did not see the tired, feeling out. See Victoria Song following the other, but more airports such as show the heart to admire Victoria Song’s wine red shirt collocation jeans collocation skinny jeans shirts for the Saint Laurent red satin shirt, Chanel 2016 Winter Trailer series black round cap +Gucci gold rimmed glasses +Chanel black tassel bag combination let the overall shape of the fashionable index continued to soar. Wear silk shirt texture, scarf for a belt collocation Street beauty fashion week that pretty out of the street, sometimes with off street so collocation flounces have other elements using the shallow beauty of the combination of these two body shape is not difficult to find, the velvet shirt collocation, Tiao Wenyuan and gold rimmed glasses, all with a strong gentle aura collision skinny jeans cool style. Women taste a hundred percent? Pay attention to choose the shirt shirt type numerous silk, chiffon material, multi choice and rich details of a single product, can let the woman out of shape easily. Elena Perminova stylish stylish freaky freaky Elena Perminova will Francesco Scognamiglio fairies full shirt collocation skinny jeans, cool the task handed leather jacket and black Prada bag. Gilda Ambrosio Gilda Ambrosio Andrea Pompilio jeans shirt collocation, should pay attention to the spot in addition to not Loewe fashionable sunglasses, scarf is narrow you used a new styling partner. Cowboy wear cowboy shirts complete material is still a treasure, and fully mobilize the mix of colors and materials of denim shirt and jeans, as out of the beauty of personality. Kate Hudson Kate Hudson early with high heels collocation cowboy shirt + jeans combination of interpretation of the meaning of all female charm". Viviana Volpicella free stylist Viviana Volpicella hole jeans + folk style accessories, also can wear a wild tune; in addition, did not expect the thick soled shoes also have such collocation effect?!相关的主题文章: