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Advertising As we said earlier Amsterdam is not a big city. Therefore, a self-guided walking tour would be an excellent idea to explore the town spending less money. This tour allows you discover more places because you have the opportunity to stop in any place and take pictures. Try you, but after you book a room in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam. Perhaps, you have read The diary of Anne Frank years ago, but if you didnt, you must visit Anne Frank house. This house is very famous in Holland and receives hundreds of tourists each day. Here, Anne Frank, her family and some Jewish people were hidden of the German occupation for two years. A re.mendation, arrive early in the day to avoid the long queues. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice. Its pretty easy to explore the historic heart of the city by boat. It offers a unique perspective of the town. Depending of your economic possibilities, you can hire a guided canal boat for your own personal tour. Budget Hotels Amsterdam can give you more information about Dutchs customs. Art in the .herlands is very significant. Don’t miss the chance to visit Van Gogh museum, Stedelijk museum and the Rijksmuseum; they are located in the same area. In these museums youll find works of the best Dutch masters and most famous artists that Amsterdam has produced. Invest some money visiting these places. At night you can go to dance or drink something. Coffee shops also are good options to listen to music or drink some coffee. If you smell something weird in these places, you shouldnt feel surprise. Probably, it would be marijuana. Consumption and sell of marijuana is permitted only in authorized coffee shops. Finally, to save money and time, you must buy a map of the city. Youll find it in Budget Hotels Amsterdam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: