Ma Ying-Jeou Keelung visit to China to discuss the historical monument to the national hero of the W

Ma Ying-Jeou’s visit to Keelung on the Sino French war monuments to the tomb of the national hero bow – Beijing, Beijing, September 23, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou yesterday (22 days) low-key appearance in Keelung, visited the two Sand Bay fort, the French cemetery, Tomb of the national hero Liu Mingchuan tunnel, to explore the process of Sino French war the. He said that the Sino French war is an important battle to resist foreign aggression, "at that time, if lost, we now speak french". Ma Ying-Jeou 22, 2 in the afternoon by cultural property commentator Li Mingjiang accompanied the first visit two Sand Bay fort, overlooking Keelung harbor from the scene, he said, as early as in many years ago on the Sino French war very touching, retirement is to visit to Keelung. He said that cooperation is a great group of resisting foreign aggression history experience, very valuable, important moment to unite together to reach the world outside, shocked by the results, "no one predicted would win, but we not only win, also won the beautiful", he thinks the history should be carry out. Ma Ying-Jeou pointed out that the Keelung army has China for memorial monument to the national heroes, while the French cemetery, there are some fresh water monument, but no Kirundo, these are our efforts, future generations should be carried forward, highlighting the love of the land. He then turned to the French cemetery, very carefully read the words on the tombstone and names, in the tomb of the national hero, he also respectfully bowed three. On the way to meet the enthusiastic fans to get clothes to Ma Ying-Jeou signature, Ma Ying-Jeou happy to sign the "Ma Ying-Jeou", so that people happy.相关的主题文章: