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Ma Ying-Jeou said Xi Club behind the scenes anecdotes 1 minutes decided to call each other in Beijing – Mr. invited as Soochow University Yan Jiagan law professor Ma Ying-Jeou ", published on the 26 first lecture. (source: Taiwan "Central News Agency") Chinese Taiwan news network September 26th the former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou recently accepted the invitation, as the "Yan Jiagan law professor at Soochow University, and today (26) afternoon issued the first lecture. According to Taiwan media reports, Ma Ying-Jeou revealed last year in the classroom learning club "" secret "said the two sides in the prior consultations, consensus was reached only in 1 minutes, the two leaders decided to meet each other" Mr. "(editor’s note: the meeting with the leaders of the two sides both identity and name, meeting held when they called each other" Sir ", was agreed. This is a pragmatic arrangement based on the one China principle, which has not yet been completely resolved, and embodies the spirit of shelving disputes and respecting each other. According to the Taiwan Times reported that Ma Ying-Jeou, the adequacy of the preparation of the lecture, lists dozens of words, like a history teacher, detailing the historical context of Taiwan. On cross-strait relations, Ma Ying-Jeou cited the "Three Kingdoms" at the beginning of world affairs, said, "long, long time". In Chinese history, whether it is the transition between the division, are bound to experience the war, but he pointed out that now the most important thing is to make efforts to cross-strait relations regardless of how to deal with, do not fight, "peace is the highest value, can really bring prosperity". Ma Ying-Jeou in the lecture, also mentioned that in 1992 the two sides around the "a China" reach "92 consensus" sequence of events, and pointed out that the "92 consensus" is by the leaders of the Taiwan region Li Denghui approved. In addition, Ma Ying-Jeou also mentioned that in 2015, Xi Ma will rise after the polls, because of his 8 years in office, is the best period of cross-strait relations in the past 66 years. The two sides can speak frankly and set the foundation of mutual trust and. On the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea Islands, is the inherent territory China problem, Ma Ying-Jeou in the classroom, Japan believes that the Diaoyu Islands are uninhabited island, and as a result of terra nullius first principle, advocate for its non time "Treaty of Shimonoseki" in the cession of territory. "I think it’s stealing." He said that although the Diaoyu Islands are uninhabited islands, but not by no means, as early as after the Qing Dynasty was identified as Chinese territory. The Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea Islands belong to the territory of natural China. According to reports, Ma Ying-Jeou in the second half of the course, but also ask questions to ask students to answer, many of them from the mainland, Hongkong students, to answer questions and express their views, the scene is quite lively interaction. (Taiwan, China Wang Wang Network)相关的主题文章: