Media people’s daily front page this heavy article is very meaningful

Media: People’s daily front page of this heavy article is that every time there is communication, passion Island friends asked the island do political interpretation has no exclusive tips. In fact, what is the exclusive secret island, uncles, only to do some basic work. One of the base is reading newspaper. Many people have prejudices against the party, but you know what? The United States Embassy every day must read, a material analysis is the "people’s Daily", a lot of hidden secret key political interpretation Chinese. Today, I want to talk about a very special article published in the people’s daily on the front page: "three years of deepening reform.". The copious and fluent nearly 10 thousand words, many people do not have the patience to read down, the network reproduced when the many network editor for a title: "people’s Daily: house, why can’t afford to live in? ", the topic turned to run. Why is it special? Newspapers pay attention to the layout language, in China, the layout of the newspaper are political. This article in yesterday’s "people’s Daily", published in the front page banner form, should be said to be a high political treatment. In the "people’s Daily" in the history of some major conference reports will form the banner, some important comments, such as Ren Zhongping (meaning the people’s daily important comments) will be used in the form of a front page banner. Yesterday, this article used a very strange name: Gold social average. Find the "people’s Daily" database, Ren Zhongping, Ji Ping, "gold is the first time the social average". Read the homonym, should be "economic social commentary", is also a collective work. This collective first author, are placed in the same position with Ren Zhongping, visible backing is not small. It’s worth noting. Read the words in the qualitative will find that it is a lengthy review, as it is a summary and comb. Summary of what? Comprehensive deepening of reform in these three years: November 2013 to November 2016. 3 years ago, is also in November 2013, held in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the theme of the plenary session is comprehensive deepening of reform, after the introduction of the 336 reform task list, to deepen the reform of the overall deployment, full mobilization, China entered a new "deep change time". Over the past three years, the central deep restructuring frequent meetings, intensive introduction of various types of reform documents. Standing on this time node, you need a summary. Obviously, next year to open nineteen, for the Central Committee, the 3 anniversary, not later than early. Over the past 3 years, the reform is the main line of the central ruling. Shortly after the end of eighteen, Xi Jinping visits Shenzhen, pay tribute to the statue of Deng Xiaoping and a series of moves, has released a strong signal to the outside world, but also to the central set a tone: reform. Since November 2013, third, fourth and fifth, the six plenary session of the Central Committee, all around the "reform" two words. Of course, 3 years, the introduction of intensive reform policies, but also touched the landing difficult problem. Can we say that the reform failed? 3 years time is too short, this conclusion is too rough, and the three years the meaning of the star相关的主题文章: