Men spend 2 million to buy Ferrari opened less than a month lost oboni

Men spend 2 million to buy Ferrari opened less than a month lost – Sohu news spent $about 2000000 to buy a used Ferrari sports car, the owner came back from a business trip disappeared. The man who stole the car was a mechanic employed by the owner. The original name of the underage mechanic in the sports car to see, moving from the crooked brains, then saw the "timing", sold about 300000 yuan to sell the owner of the car. Strange man with a key to drive away the car seven days after the car was found in Beijing, Mr. Wang is the owner of a super run club in Hangzhou, in early July of this year to buy a used Ferrari’s roadster sports car 458. The new car priced at 4 million 500 thousand yuan, Mr. Wang bought from a friend to spend $2 million 480 thousand. After buying the car, Mr. Wang drove the car back to their own club, and the key to the club to hire their own technician cattle, requiring the re decoration of cattle vehicles. August 1st, Mr. Wang to the police station, said two days after the bad back, found that the original stop in the club’s sports car disappeared. Police investigation found that the car was a white man with a key to open the door, directly away from the club. But Mr. Wang said he did not know the man. After careful consideration of Mr. Wang, selling cars to their friends for many years, will not make a car theft, in addition to contact with the car keys, is a mechanic cattle. But at this point, the cattle have left from hangzhou. After careful investigation, on August 8th, after more than and 20 hours of Dundian, police seized the stolen Ferrari car in Beijing, a district of Huairou, and captured the suspect cow and his accomplices jiaomou. The technician to steal the car premeditated price was also arrested a cow to buy a car at the age of 17, when the incident is underage. According to his account, because of lack of money, the boss will give him the car keys to him, let him do the car decoration, he began planning to steal cars. He first find a good buyer on the Internet, and then secretly with a car keys, and contact the same age of a fellow coke, called him to help steal the car in Hangzhou. July 30th, Mr. Wang due to a business trip from Hangzhou, Niu seized the opportunity to implement premeditated plan. That night, Jiao in accordance with the guidance of a cow, with a cow to give the key to open the Ferrari sports car, the car will be stolen. After that, the two men drove the car to a small area in Anhui, Guangde Province, with a low price of $375 thousand will be sold to the buyer lee. Recently, the city’s Procuratorate on suspicion of theft on a jiaomou, approved the arrest on suspicion of crime concealment, and offend Lee approved the arrest. Car Buying Lee, knowing that a vehicle sales of cattle have no formal invoice, vehicle price and the market price difference is huge, but to buy cheap stolen cars, has been suspected of concealing concealing, eventually also face legal sanctions. According to the relevant provisions of the "criminal law", that is the proceeds of crime and the gains to be harboring, transfer, acquisition or sales or by other means to disguise or conceal, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and / or be fined; if the circumstances are serious, three years or seven years imprisonment and fined.相关的主题文章: