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Sales-Management Data Hygiene is often seen as customer responsibility in SAP implementation. We often hear CIOs quoting that "I have got SAP but I still have data issues all around". Situation becomes more complex when external data is integrated into SAP systems corrupting data within SAP system. Real ROI of SAP is derived when master and transactional data sets loaded into SAP system are clean and accurate. There is clear need of data management solution that solves all the issues of these problems. Bodhtree, MIDAS, Multi Industry Data Anomaly Solution , provides end to end data management for SAP data, whether it’s master data, transactional data or external data that has been pumped into SAP system. MIDAS solution version 5.0 has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP solutions, providing data management, data quality, and business analytics and improved IT cost optimization advantage. The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that MIDAS 5.0, a J2EE 1.4/EE 5 specification- compliant application, can now be deployed and run on the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) 7.1 offering. Further, SAP NetWeaver CE will enable applications to be built and run on service- oriented architecture (SOA) principles. With MIDAS customer can opt for their choice of modules. -Data cleansing Data Cleansing is key area in SAP implementation and Bodhtree’s MIDAS with its multi Industry capability would help SAP Customers to achieve it with proven methodology which comprises of following stages. -Data Acquisition Spend Data Management Visibility in Spend patterns in SAP Systems Spend data management of MIDAS provides insights into spend patterns of the enterprise. MIDAS derives data from SAP APO and provides end to end spend data management informs of easy use analysis and reports. These reports and analysis can further be used by SCM teams identifying saving opportunities and helps in reducing sourcing costs. Application& Data Integration All companies deploying SAP need to align all other applications and systems – whether internal or external – as a means of collaborating with partners and vendors, streamlining their operations, and maximizing their IT investments. SAP is highly successful and popular, but it is also a large, unique, and complex system environment and presents many challenges to companies who want to integrate it with third-party systems. MIDAS application and Data integration module integrates SAP with host of other systems. These can be SaaS based CRM systems such as Oracle CRM / Salesforce or legacy applications such as Mainframes with open standard based connectors. MIDAS fills a broad range of integration needs without expensive IT development costs: " Reading data from SAP environment at any level, from Tables, RFCs or BAPIs. These operations include for example extracting a partial data set for reuse in a third-party application. " Transforming data from, or to, any SAP or non-SAP system. Transformations include data quality operations such as deduplication or aggregation.Over heterogeneous SAP data environments, or over data to be integrated into an SAP System. "Integrating data in any format. Data may come from databases, binary files or flat files, print or web streams, etc. Advanced Analytical Engine MIDAS offers advanced analytical reports which are convenient in the form of dashboards and cubes. MIDAS Advanced analytical engine comprises of dashboards, report portfolio, data model and data mappings, they are industry specific and allow you to create various charts based on your business requirements and analyze the data as per enterprise needs. Easily configurable components of MIDAS advanced analytical engine enables enterprises to drive better decision management. MIDAS Advance analytical engine essentially deliver high-value, decision oriented functionality. the advanced analytical reports it generates helps you to forecast, prediction and optimization. It further builds a sustainable competitive advantage through adoptive and easily configurable reports. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: