Military Commission inspection of the first overseas logistics facilities to convey what signals verbal jint

The Central Military Commission inspection of the first overseas logistics facilities to transmit the original title of what signals: CMC top inspection of China’s first overseas logistics facilities to transmit what signals? China’s security facilities in Djibouti has been much outside attention. 25 am, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced: Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission during his visit to visit condolences to the implementation of the task of building Djibouti security forces. Many media also noted that this is the first time the Chinese military leaders in Djibouti condolences. Video: Delta fan Changlong in Djibouti Chinese visited the first overseas logistics department of Defense: Fan Changlong to visit condolences to my mission on the morning of 25 soldiers in the overseas, China Defense Ministry website published such a message: November 16th to 24, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission fan Changlong during the visit, visit condolences to me in Lebanese soldiers, the implementation of United Nations peacekeeping mission aid Tanzania military expert group, is Djibouti port supplies naval escort fleet twenty-fourth command ship, as well as the implementation of the Djibouti security facilities construction tasks of the troops, on behalf of President Xi Jinping and the Central Military Commission to far away from the motherland and family, my cordial greetings and missions in overseas. The news came out, immediately aroused the attention of the domestic media. Some media said that this is the first time the Chinese military leaders in Djibouti condolences. The outside world also noted that Fan Changlong visited in the process stressed that the overseas guarantee facilities to strengthen co-ordination, accelerate the construction progress, to ensure the quality of construction, provide strong support for military forces to carry out overseas missions. Twenty-fourth naval escort fleet command ship docked at Djibouti port supplies according to the Department of defense website news, during Fan Changlong’s visit to the Djibouti naval escort fleet twenty-fourth Chinese in Djibouti by the Hong Kong supplies. China naval escort fleet twenty-fourth on August 10th, starting from a military port in Qingdao, Somalia, in the Gulf of aden. The formation of the "Harbin" missile destroyer, "Handan" missile frigate, "Dongping Lake" ocean replenishment ship. The supply is in Djibouti escort Fleet Command Ship Harbin ship. Handan ship arrived in Karachi, on the 15 of this month in Pakistan Navy joint military drill, 22 sailed back to the Gulf of Aden, as of 24 is still on the return voyage. "Dongping Lake" ship is carrying out escort missions. Interpretation: China is bound to overseas armed forces to protect the interests of overseas countries in Djibouti, although small, but very important geographical location. At present, the United States, France, Japan and other countries have established a military base in Djibouti. According to Reuters had previously reported that Japan plans to expand its military base in Djibouti, in order to normalize the deployment of C-130 transport aircraft and ground self defense forces armored vehicles, etc.. China has built its first overseas logistical support facility in Djibouti, known as a "facility" rather than a "military base" because it is not based on military bases in terms of size and function. CCTV commentator Yin Zhuo believes that with the expansion of China’s national interests overseas and the ocean, China’s armed forces, should also be able to defend the interests of overseas and the sea Kay相关的主题文章: