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Military stocks continued to be active in Chinese theme mining excess return sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor – Gold Financial Review military stocks continued to be active in Chinese theme mining reporter Wang Peng, the excess return of A shares market editor Longbow in February 17th, military stocks were active, the Central Plains Steel, aerospace Changfeng etc. stocks daily limit, almost all Piaohong plate. Some analysts said that the current situation of international relations in Northeast Asia and the evolution situation in the future, will make the defense industry once again become a hot market; at the same time, the reform of the army to start at the end of last year exceeded market expectations, the aerospace industry stocks are expected to face a new round of asset restructuring, benefit from this, a quarter of the military unit or will be continued good. From the Fund Quarterly Bulletin of the situation, many firmly optimistic about the investment opportunities of the military sector investment funds are a great deal of its configuration. Take Chinese business theme selection as an example, as early as the second quarter of 2014, fund manager Liang Yongqiang general industry as one of the main allocation direction of the fund, so that the ten largest awkwardness appeared in the space development figure. In the following quarters, the proportion of the military sector in the selection of Chinese business themes increased further. As of December 31st last year, four electronic, aerospace science and technology, Aupu photoelectric, aerospace Changfeng and Cheng Fa technology are included in the top ten awkwardness, 5 stocks accounted for 32.2% of the total. Among them, Aupu photoelectric, aerospace Changfeng and Cheng Fa technology since February this year rose 18.06%, 32.5% and 10.36%, respectively, for the combination of net significant rise to play a role in promoting. As of February 16th, the Chinese featured topics picked up by 6.77% in the past month, outperforming the CSI 300 index of 8.55%, which fell by 1.78% over the same period. Liang Yongqiang said, from the current development trend, the next 20-30 years, China rise again or will become the world’s largest variable, in this process, the international order may have a new change, but on the whole China, whether it is "The Belt and Road", or a display of external force, hard strength is the foundation, therefore, making hard power represented by the military, high-end equipment is Chinese need to constantly strengthen the things. Opened in 2016, this round of restructuring as a priority among priorities of the country changed and changed have a substantial start, this year the opportunity will be reflected in these aspects, especially the whole from non market to market to the process of the military industry will be a huge burst of elasticity, which will also be the focus of the fund the direction of the configuration. Looking ahead, the Milky Way Securities said in a research report, military stocks benefited from the Institute of military reform, restructuring is expected to accelerate, a quarter of sustainable value. The army reform started at the end of last year, including the establishment of new military services, such as rocket troops and strategic support forces, and the establishment of the five war zone, with great efforts and rapid progress, which exceeded the market expectations. At the same time, it is expected that the restructuring of military research institutes will be accelerated before and after the NPC and CPPCC sessions, and the space military stocks are expected to face a new round of asset restructuring. In choosing the relevant products of the military industry, the insiders suggest that investors should give priority to those who have good historical performance and medium length theory

军工股持续活跃 华商主题挖掘超额收益 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ■金奖理财日评   军工股持续活跃   华商主题挖掘超额收益   ⊙记者 王彭 ○编辑 长弓   2月17日,A股市场军工股表现活跃,中原特钢、航天长峰等多股涨停,板块几乎全线飘红。有分析人士表示,当前东北亚地区的国际关系形势以及事态未来的演化,将使国防军工再次成为市场热点;同时,去年底启动的军队改革超出市场预期,航天军工股有望面临新一轮资产重组,受益于此,军工股一季度或将被持续看好。   从基金季报公布的情况来看,不少坚定看好军工板块投资机会的基金均对其进行了大手笔配置。以华商主题精选为例,早在2014年第二季度,基金经理梁永强便将军工行业作为基金的主要配置方向之一,令十大重仓股中出现了航天发展的身影。随后几个季度,军工板块在华商主题精选中的占比进一步增加。截至去年12月31日,四创电子、航天科技、奥普光电、航天长峰和成发科技均被纳入十大重仓股之列,5只个股合计占比达到32.2%。其中,奥普光电、航天长峰和成发科技今年2月以来分别上涨18.06%、32.5%和10.36%,为组合净值的显著回升起到了推动作用。截至2月16日,华商主题精选近一月净值上涨6.77%,跑赢同期下跌1.78%的沪深300指数8.55%。   梁永强表示,从目前的发展态势来看,未来20-30年,中国再次崛起或将成为全球最大的变量,在这个过程中,国际秩序可能会有新的变化,而对整个中国而言,不管是“一带一路”,还是对外力量的一种展示,硬实力都是基础,因此,以军工、高端装备制造为代表的硬实力才是中国需要不断强化的东西。2016 年开年,作为这一轮转型重中之重的国改和军改都有了实质性开端,今年的机会也会在这些方面体现出来,尤其是军工行业整体性从非市场化向市场化转向的过程将爆发出巨大的弹性,这也将是基金重点配置的方向。   展望后市,银河证券在研报中表示,军工股受益于军改、研究所改制加快预期,一季度可持续看好。去年底启动的军队改革,包括火箭军和战略支援部队等新军种的设立、成立五大战区,力度之大,进程之快,均超出市场预期。同时预计全国两会前后军工科研院所改制也将加快,航天军工股有望面临新一轮资产重组。在选择重配军工行业的相关产品时,业内人士建议,投资者可优先选择那些历史业绩较好、中长期表现稳定的基金。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: