Nanhua Futures coke prices continued to bargain kimi wo omou melodi

Nanhua Futures: coke prices did not stop to do more dips clients view the latest market [J1701] did not end the rally point. [J1701] in the short term strategy to bargain. Analysis of the influencing factors and risk factors] see the report text. [admission opportunity and profit stop] see the trading plan. The 1 strategy outlined coking coal supply policies are relaxed, but did not alleviate the shortage, low inventory, coking plant operating has rebounded significantly, because the supply is limited coking coal coke production rebounded, tight supply pattern has not changed. End of demand steel mills have declined, started slightly downward, and after entering the November steel terminal demand is likely to continue downward, thereby compressing steel production, is not conducive to coke. But the current steel coke inventory is still low, limited transportation steel replenishment, and this year is likely to occur in winter, in order to prevent the rain and snow weather transportation, steel mills in advance replenishment demand, driven by the recent coke tensions intensified. Overall, although the coke straddle factors, but the current bull factors still prevail, can continue to be cautious bargain. 2 factors influence strategy analysis of 2.1 coking coke supply gross profit is higher, the capacity utilization rate has rebounded to year high, but the tight supply situation still exists, and coking started despite the rebound, but the yield of coke coking coal supply is tight restrictions on promotion. Since the start of the recovery and transportation problems, coking stocks rebounded, but the steel stocks are still low. Spot short-term shortage situation is difficult to ease. Maintain the 2.1.1 coking coke enterprises profits, coke enterprises capacity utilization rate high: coking profit rate (%) source: SteelHome Wind South research figure: coking enterprises operating rate (%) source: Wind south of 2.1.2 coke coke enterprises stock rebounded, port stocks decline low figure: average coking enterprises coke stock (million tons) source: wind, South China Research figure: Port coke Inventory (million tons) source: Wind 2.1.3 of Nanhua mills started with the coke inventory of available days: large and medium-sized steel coking coal, coke inventory of available days (day) source: South West of the Shinkansen wind of 2.2 coking coal supply coking plant coking coal stocks rise, but the steel is still very scarce coking coal, coking coal supply Although the policy to relax, but the short-term shortage of pattern die hard, thus limiting the coke yield upward. 2.2.1 steel and coking plant coking coal inventory: steel and coking plant coking coal inventory (million tons) source: wind, south of 2.2.2 coke enterprises and coking coal inventory lows, port inventories remain low, domestic independent coking plant coking coal inventory of available days (days) source: wind, South China Research figure: Port coking coal inventory (million tons) source: wind, south end of 2.3.相关的主题文章: