Nanjing intends to implement integral settled buy a house to pay more than 80 Ping social security f exit safe mode

Nanjing intends to implement integral settled: the Seller shall exceed 80 level of social security paid over 2 years – Sohu news September 22nd, learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of Nanjing government, the Nanjing Municipal People’s government affairs office and the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on the "measures" in Nanjing and "Nanjing Hukou admittance management integration settled implementation measures" to solicit public opinion Ning, outsiders to settle policy there will be major changes, the simple purchase of more than 60 square meters, a full year of social security policy will be canceled in. The new draft regulations, in line with the relevant provisions of these measures of non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to Nanjing. Does not comply with the relevant conditions of the present approach, the system can be integrated, the application will be moved to Nanjing account. The application of integral settled, shall also meet the following conditions: (a) the city holds a valid "residence in Jiangsu province"; (two) there is a legitimate and stable residence in the city; (three) in the city of legitimate and stable employment and pay social insurance for over 2 years; (four) a total of 100 points; (five) no serious criminal record. In the specific rules of integration, the applicant has a legitimate and stable residence, an area of 1 square meters of 1 points, up to no more than 100 points. Rental housing does not score. The government provided a total of property rights housing, according to the proportion of my property rights. Multi suite area not cumulative score. Nanjing city to pay social insurance (excluding tax), every 1 years plus 10 points. The cumulative pay period, every 1 years plus 5 points. In other words, people come to the house to settle down, then pay 20 years to pay the social security had to be outside the points, but also a difference of 80 points, buy a house if you have to choose more than 80 square meters of the house. According to the Yangtze Evening News, according to the publicity of the new regulations, the applicant should be settled in the qualifications of the applicant, spouse or minor children to obtain real estate ownership of the housing. No conditions settled in the preceding paragraph may be recorded in the applicant (hire) with the unit collective households, or provincial, city and District Talent Service Center collective settled. Without the first two settled conditions, you can get registered in the community collective residence. Access to qualified applicants have the right to housing, to grant their spouses, minor children to follow the migration should be submitted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security account migration. This settled in the new deal is still beginning to seek advice, the specific implementation time undetermined. The draft clearly, before the implementation of the measures in line with the conditions of the purchase home, can be implemented within 3 months after the implementation of this approach, apply for an account to move into. Attached: Measures for the administration of Nanjing Hukou admittance (Draft) Article 1 for the scientific regulation of population size, optimize the population structure, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of the city, according to the "People’s Republic of China Household Registration Ordinance" and the national, provincial and municipal household registration system reform spirit, combined with the actual city, the enactment of this approach. Second in line with the relevant conditions of the non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to the city. Does not comply with the relevant conditions of these measures, the system can be integrated, the application will be registered in the city. Where laws, regulations, rules and other relevant policies of the state or province are otherwise prescribed, such provisions shall prevail. The third one has the following.相关的主题文章: