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National box office the first negative growth in the Mekong River "action" by word of mouth – Beijing: National Day holiday has always been regarded as prime time, since 2008 the national box office has always maintained a rapid growth, especially from 2013 to 2015, national box office was 617 million yuan, 1 billion 91 million yuan, 1 billion 850 million yuan, an increase of 55%, 76% and 69%, were higher than the growth rate of annual box office. This year’s national day, single day box office on October 1st to 6 were 281 million yuan, 258 million yuan, 238 million yuan, 220 million yuan, 211 million yuan, 204 million yuan, not only the total box office less than 1 billion 850 million yuan last year, the day did not go beyond the single day box office last year. National day record negative growth, which is the first time in recent years. It is worth pointing out that the film market is not a unique national day cooling. This summer, the total box office 12 billion 329 million yuan, representing a decrease of $149 million last year, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the total box office $605 million, representing a decrease of $343 million. In September 27th, the single day box office closed at 29 million 30 thousand yuan, this year is the first single day box office fell below 30 million yuan mark. After several years of rapid growth, the domestic film box office this year, the trend of slowing growth, electricity supplier ticket cooling is considered to be a major reason. But in addition to the votes, the quality of the film is probably the crux of the problem. Insiders pointed out that the "bad" power is the main reason for the continued downturn in the box office. College of Arts and media Beijing Normal University President Zhou Xing said: "from the summer to now, few of the films make people feel particularly brisk. 10 years of market reform has created a very good foundation for Chinese films, just go awry. Chinese film should be in a healthy, sincere, creative." A senior film distributor, who declined to be named, said: "the drop in the box office was mainly a bubble in the market last year, but this year it is a normal performance, and now the market is beginning to return to reason. Compared to the box office boom in recent years, the audience is more in need of quality films." The seven day holiday in the past, the National Archives box office results freshly baked. "Passing from your world", "the Mekong River", "grand track" occupy the total ticket in front of three. According to arts grace data show that as of press time yesterday, "passing from your world" total box office more than 580 million yuan; "the Mekong River" followed, from the second half of the single day box office holiday, even the latecomers become the first momentum, the cumulative box office more than 520 million yuan; Guo Jingming, director of the "grand track" from the first day of release has accumulated more than 330 million yuan at the box office. "Passing from your world": the box office leader, two reputation director Zhang Yibai, adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s novels and the screenwriter film "passing from your world" released in September 29th. According to arts grace data, the film was released on the first day won 64 million 370 thousand yuan at the box office. In the National Day holiday, the film has also been the leader, from 1 to 3, the film were $88 million 80 thousand, $82 million 360 thousand, $76 million 100 thousand to become a single day box office champion. "相关的主题文章: