Nearly 40% games listed companies decline in revenue overseas mergers and acquisitions to accelerate sugus

Sina App financial industries overseas mergers and acquisitions accelerated decline in the company’s nearly 40% games listed companies Revenue: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million trainee reporter Liu Zhao market forecast, the scale of Chinese game market will reach 150 billion yuan this year, will be 3.3 times the domestic film market, has become a leader in the pan entertainment the industry "". Jointly issued China voice association game Committee, Gamma data and International Data Corporation "in 2016 1-6 month Chinese game industry report" shows that as of the first half of 2016, Chinese game market actual sales revenue reached 78 billion 750 million yuan, an increase of 30.1%. Among them, the mobile game is still maintained a rapid growth, revenue of 37 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 79.1%. Behind such a dazzling data, the game industry is experiencing a "brutal reshuffle". The initial pattern of the industry Tencent and NetEase two hegemony, and have advantages of scale accelerate the trend of expansion; while the A shares game company revenue fell nearly 40%, small game makers content depends on the influence of tighter regulation and capital growth at low tide. In this industry reshuffle stage, game companies are the tricks or conform to the trend of the industry increased Mobile Games business, or the expansion of mergers and acquisitions "overseas shopping spree" massive business shift, offset the slowdown in the domestic game users. 40% of the company’s revenue decline combing the major gaming companies semi annual report found that in the A-share listed companies in the game A, the first half of 4 companies revenue decline. The long tour game (600652) revenue decline, down 83.67%; followed by zqgame (300052), revenue fell 22.97%. The remaining 7 companies in the first half revenue increased to varying degrees, in which both the company’s revenue doubled, God Entertainment (002354) the largest increase in revenue, an increase of 168.99%, followed by zhangqu Technology (300315), revenue rose 108.56%. In the performance of profitability, A shares of the game company still shows the vitality of emerging industry companies, 11 companies all profitable. However, there are 3 companies net profit decline. Among them, zqgame net profit decline, down 69.82%. The reason for the decline in profits, cy Bao said the company in the development of new games to promote early, the first half of large-scale promotional activities, has not yet begun to produce benefits caused by. The second is Kai Ying network (002517), net profit fell 36.30%. While other companies have varying degrees of increase in net profit, which is the highest number to be the giant network backdoor century Cruise (002558), in the first half net profit rose by 4752.31%. The company said that this growth thanks to the expansion of mobile games and the decline in the cost of share payment. The transformation and product structure adjustment in the second half of last year, to the end of the two quarter this year has been basically through the painful period, and achieved a lot. Tencent and NetEase two hegemony in 2015, Tencent and network theory相关的主题文章: