Network about the driver of the car in October as early as possible test qualification gamelink

Net about car drivers as early as October can test qualification according to Xinhua news agency, Beijing in September 9, the Ministry of transport announced 9 new "taxi driver qualification regulations" and "cruising taxi business service management regulations", the development of positioning, our taxi industry in machine enterprise profit allocation and driver examination, registration, continuing education and other aspects of adaptation. Taxi driver qualification management regulations will be implemented on October 1st this year. Regulations clearly, taxi driver qualification includes the parade taxi driver qualification and network appointment taxi driver qualification. The new regulations on the contents of the car driver test network to do the utmost to simplify the registration and cancellation of the company through the platform to the issuing authority of the location of the taxi administrative departments to prepare to complete. "Taxi rental business management regulations" will be implemented on November 1st this year. In view of the problem of "money" of the taxi, the taxi operators need to adjust the standard of the contract fee or the quota task according to the operating cost and the change of the freight rate. Shenzhen City Council recommends that the Ministry of Commerce: drops merger antitrust filing and further investigation in August 1st of this year, Didi announced the merger "travel" and step China "the news caused widespread concern, the author learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Council in September 9th, the unit recently received many complaints about the rising cost drops, excellent step generally, reflect on consumer doubts about the car market monopoly network. To this end, 9, Shenzhen City Council sent a letter to the Ministry of Commerce, travel advice on mergers and acquisitions and step China drops about antitrust investigation. In the letter of Shenzhen City Council to express three views on pieces of excellent step merger, and puts forward two suggestions. It believes that the best step in the network about the share of the car market will reach more than 90%, the degree of concentration of the operator is bound to form a monopoly, and the monopoly is bound to harm the interests of consumers. According to the Shenzhen City Council official said, August 1, 2016, "drops of travel" announced the acquisition of "excellent step China", caused widespread doubts about consumers of network car market monopoly. As a consumer protection agency, Shenzhen City Council was informed that the Ministry of Commerce has on the merger according to the investigation, and expressed strong support. One of the "anti-monopoly law" legislative purpose is to protect the interests of consumers, therefore, the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen City Council on the basis of the "consumer protection law" the expressed serious concern about the merger, and the expression of three points. Shenzhen City Council believes that first of all, the monopoly will inevitably lead to harm the interests of consumers, once the merger yuho drops, drops yuho will reach in the network about the car market share of more than 90%, the degree of concentration of business operators will inevitably lead to monopoly." Secondly, the network about the car market as the "anti-monopoly law" in the market and can not explain the generalization, "network about cars as a new format has formed a separate market, do not have the subway, bus, taxi transport substitutability, and are mainly concentrated in a second tier city." Finally, Chengdu相关的主题文章: