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North Huang Huai appeared on the 27 day of severe pollution of local haze will improve air – Sohu news recently, North China, Huang Huai, Jianghan, haze, is expected in September 27th will reduce. September 24, 2016, Beijing, the capital of the first day of autumn ushered in severe pollution, reduced visibility. Chinese visual map of September 25th, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted, there is still tomorrow, mild to moderate haze in parts of North Central and southern, Western Huang Huai, JAC western, Shaanxi province and other places, the air quality reached the local mild to moderate pollution, severe pollution. In September 27th, affected by rainfall and the impact of cold air, the area of the haze will disappear, the air quality in most parts of the country will be excellent or good. In addition, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory, is expected today (September 25th) during the day to night, Eastern Inner Mongolia, North West and North, Southeast of the northwest region, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, West Huang Huai, Tibetan Plateau, Western and southern Yunnan, southern Southern China and other places have small to moderate rain, local heavy heavy rain. Central Meteorological Observatory said that before the typhoon landing, south of the Yangtze River, Southern China and other places will be under the control of the subtropical high to keep the heat and rain. It is worth noting that this year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" may be landing in September 28th in southern Fujian to Guangdong along the coast of eastern central meteorological monitoring data show that the typhoon "catfish" September 25th morning 8 when to strengthen typhoon, wind near the center there are 12 (33 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 97 thousand and 500 kPa, seven wind circle radius of 280 ~ 380 km, ten wind circle radius of 90 to 100 kilometers. Expected tomorrow (September 26th), "catfish" will further enhance their combat effectiveness, will continue to enhance the strong typhoon level (45 ~ 50 meters, 14 ~ 15); and maintain a strong typhoon intensity on the 27 day landing or grazed in southern Taiwan, 28 in southern Fujian to Eastern Guangdong belt the coastal areas (strong tropical storm or typhoon, landing strength 30 ~ 35 meters in 11 seconds, to 12). The "catfish" effect, the beginning of September 26th, the ocean east of Taiwan, the Bashi Channel, the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan coast, northeast, South Guangdong and the eastern coast of the Fujian coast, the southern coast of Zhejiang, Hainan Department of the east wind will gradually increase to 7 ~ 10, 11 ~ 12 parts of the sea, near the typhoon center of the the sea and the wind region will have 13 to 15, gusts up to 16 ~ 17 grade.相关的主题文章: