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UnCategorized Living among wildlife really is a mixed blessing: on the one hand, it’s a joy seeing deer munching on apples in the backyard every morning in autumn, and the red squirrels that scurry up and down your oak trees all day are really fun for the kids to watch. On the other hand, many species of animals can be.e not just nuisances, but downright dangerous to the health and well-being of our families and properties. Here is an overview of some the types of wildlife that can be.e nuisances and how to prevent problems. –Opossums and Raccoons: Opossums are extremely .mon marsupials that can be found living and raising their young around homes all across the continental United States They seem innocuous enough at first glance, but their voracious appetite for all kinds of foods can make them a real nuisance. Homeowners can find these nocturnal animals making a home under decks or porches, in garages, and in sheds. They are opportunists, and will raid a chicken coop whenever possible, knock over garbage cans, and even pillage pet food containers to get what they want. Raccoons are nocturnal mammals whose habits are very similar to possums’. Both species present a threat of rabies, and possums can infect your pets with mange. Prevention: Routine patrol possible living areas and make sure that there are no possums or raccoons taking up residence. Keep garage doors closed when not in use to prevent a home invasion, and be sure to lock pet doors at night for the same reason. Raccoons, especially, have been known to raid kitchens at night and make terrible messes. Do not feed pets outside, and keep garbage cans secured with critter-proof latches, or store them indoors. If you do have a problem with these critters, contact a quality exterminator that also offers nuisance wildlife removal services. –Bats: It is not unusual for female bat colonies to take up residence in home attics because they are safe places to raise their young. Although they may seem harmless, they can present a wealth of problems for homeowners: rabies exposure for one, and their feces and urine will wreak havoc on insulation as well as stored items. Additionally, they can attract other unwanted pests! Prevention: Make sure there are no access points to the outside that will allow the bats to enter your attic. Put screens over exhaust vents, and replace missing shingles immediately. If bats have taken up residence in or around your home, contact a pest control service. Opossums, raccoons, and bats are just a few of the types of wildlife that may be.e nuisances: others include deer, squirrels, snakes, pigeons, and even starlings. Taking proper nuisance prevention measures will help you co-exist with these creatures in peace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: