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Otitis media, the baby does not want to date with you – Sohu maternal otitis media, the baby does not want to date with you for a while, he was posted on the Xin dad colleagues playfully label: tell you what, no response, no response…… Xin dad also a stomach bitter not down, what is not? Tympanitis! That day, every day, 24 hours a day, in addition to sleep, like a bunch of mosquitoes in the ear buzzing, don’t hear what happened around, more do not say others and speak for themselves, the walk is also very panic, constantly look around. At first he suspected to be blocked earwax, but didn’t dig ah, Xiao Nan was forced to e.e.n.t examination, too, is the original otitis media have an appointment with him. How to provoke otitis media this goods? See Xin dad kept wiping the nose, the doctor said, catch a cold? 70% of otitis media, are cold gifts. Hey, the weather is cool down, suddenly caught up. No, you eat bitterness, do not let the treasure also suffer, Xin father such walking everyday people like this, if the baby cold resistance, straight down, who will certainly force bacteria to invade, the middle ear fall, middle ear infection, acute otitis media…… Xiao Nan otology Clinic Hospital, nearly half of people is acute otitis media, also basically is the first after the cold otitis media, generally 6 months to 3 years old baby is more. But I have nothing to worry about, since most babies are too, medical treatment and preventive measures is also very good, but the children are acute otitis media, to go fast, a few days before the good. Come fast…… Ma Ma said a little panic "will be more difficult to find these 3 words? What symptom is there?" If the heart is not practical, usually pay more attention to it, if the little guy shouted "ear pain", or the frequent pulling ears, a little baby book simply tinnitus, going to bed at night, did not sleep well, sleep or ear outflow of liquid, there may be a step ahead of otitis media hurry, take the baby to the hospital to see it. Give Baba Mama a reminder, deal with otitis media, we will generally use antibiotics. Antibiotics? Not good. See, know some small Baba mama will have this reaction, don’t yigunzidasi it against otitis media, really please antibiotics this guy. You can rest assured that the type and dosage of antibiotics used by the doctor depends on the severity of the infection and the reaction of the child to the antibiotic. In general, in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice to do, within 3 days of the baby’s symptoms will be significantly improved, a good future must follow the doctor’s advice, to review on time. "If the baby is 3 days, the medicine can not stop? Antibiotics, we are still a little exclusive, can be less use less." Do not! Yes, some babies look after taking 2-3 days, can not clean up the battlefield ah, early withdrawal, residual bacteria at withdrawal, is likely to come back. Of course, it’s best not to do anything!相关的主题文章: