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Business IP camera for short, the full name in English called the WEB CAMERA is a combination of traditional cameras and network technology, a new generation of cameras, it can be an image transmitted through the network to the other side of the planet, and remote browser without using any professional software, as long as a standard Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape), you can monitor the image. The Outdoor IP Camera is one of IP Cameras. You should know Outdoor IP Camera appropriate for almost every security application. An Outdoor IP Camera, also called an Outdoor network camera, is a camera with an IP network connection. It can also be described as a camera and computer combined into one unit. Captured video is transported over an IP network via network switches and is recorded to a PC server with video management software. The Outdoor IP Camera is a high-performance camera designed for professional video surveillance, offering the choice of either a wireless or a wired connection to the network. Outdoor IP Camera provides superior image quality thanks to its progressive scan sensor and advanced image processing. This makes ideal for the video surveillance of locations such as retail stores, offices, hotels and university campuses. If you need higher resolution and higher-definition network camera the High Resolution IP camera is a good choice for you. Outdoor IP Camera can also offer day and night functionality with use of an IR-cut filter or IR-blocking filter that improves light sensitivity to provide clear, high quality black and white images at nighttime. IR illuminators can also be used in conjunction with an IR-sensitive camera to further enhance quality during low-light or nighttime periods. My friend said to me once: I personally use outdoor IP cameras at my house, they cost in between a Fiscal and Robotics. They have 2 way audio ports, but you have to connect to an external speaker and microphone. They are HD in the sense that it’s 1.3MP (or 720P equivalent), but the image is 4:3, don’t know if you want 16:9 or not. You also should know that now Wireless IP Camera tends to be toys, like Fiscal and such that appeal to the consumer market. Outdoor IP Camera version in the room can not only normal use, but can be installed outdoors, apply to the premises need to monitor the outdoor facilities, such as: the monitoring of construction sites, residential villas, schools, factories, roads and other places, easy to install, easy to operate, if you want to monitor in a place outdoors, it is recommended that you use the outdoor version, if your monitoring sites in the room, it is recommended that you use the enhanced version or the regular edition. Source from: ..spycameraeshop../blog/Outdoor-IP-Camera-appropriate-for-almost-every-security-application/ 相关的主题文章: