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Travel-and-Leisure Talk about traveling to South America and you wont be able to skip yourself from discussing about Ecuador. From highlands to Amazon jungles to coastal areas, there are many more things to explore in this part of the world. Other than experiencing adventure activities like climbing volcanic peaks, river cruises in the Amazon jungles, scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands etc, you can plan for leisure holidays on the sun-kissed beaches of Ecuador. The coastal areas in the western part of Ecuador have a number of beaches. If you want to soak in the heat of the sun, play with the surf and take leisure walk on the stretch of sandy beaches, then take a look at the must-visit beaches in Ecuador: Salinas: Located 141 Kilometers away from Guayaquil, this beach attracts beach lovers from all corners of the world. The beach front is dotted with high-rise apartments, resorts, restaurants and hotels. Besides enjoying leisure moments, you can think about some water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking etc. Atacames: This beautiful beach is situated 350 km away from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. It is one such beach location where you can enjoy night parties and rock band performances. Salango: This beach attracts snorkelers and scuba divers visiting Ecuador. Other than enjoying adventure activities, you can take relaxing walk alongside the coastline and can explore the history and culture of the place. Montanita: This coastal town is situated northwest of Guayaquil and is a wonderful place for wind surfing, water skiing and scuba diving. It is a perfect place where you can relax yourself during your trip. Apart from visiting the beaches in Ecuador, you can think about spending leisure holidays at luxury cruise ships in the Galapagos Islands. Most of the ships are equipped with air-conditioned cabins, sun deck, bars, restaurants and other amenities to offer you comfort during your trip in the Galapagos Islands. In order to avail yourself with cruise tours at affordable rates, you can consider contacting some tour operators in Ecuador. There are a few tour operators who are known to offer island tours to the Galapagos Islands via luxury cruises. In order to find reliable tour operators, you can consider searching the contact details of tour companies over the Internet. Some companies operate websites updated with information about the tour services they offer to their customers. So, spare out some couple of hours to contact tour companies in Ecuador. Your effort to contact reliable tour operators will worth when you will be able to enjoy unforgettable vacation in Ecuador. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Risk Associated With Equity Investments-shdoclc.dll

Stocks-Mutual-Funds We are often told that equity investments are subject to risk. What is this risk? It means earning less than what you expected from a given investment or losing part of what you invested. When it .es to investments we only talk about returns. We say: the higher the risk the higher the return. How easy it would be then to assess a mutual fund if they published, along with their returns performance, the risks involved in earning such returns. For example, a fund gave 25% return by risking losing your capital to the extent of 5% , and another gave 50% return by taking the risk of losing 100% of your capital. In the absence of risk figures, you would rate the fund that gave 60% return as better than the one that gave the 25% return. However, within the risk parameter, you would prefer a fund that risks 5% of your capital to one that risks 100% of it. Investors solicit advice in brevity: tell us what to buy or sell, they say. But we cannot make a significant amount of money if we avoid taking risks. Risk is also an opportunity, but it should be a calculated risk you take. If the fear of losing makes you leave the money idle or put in low-return instruments, then inflation will devalue it. Hence, investment is must, and the risks associated with it must to be understood. In an ideal scenario, the investor should need to take only risks relating to the economy and .pany performance and our markets are close to achieving this goal. There are several parameters that evaluate the risk factor. Statistical and analytical tools can be used, but they are not affordable for the small investor nor would he always have the time or knowledge to use them. This article lists the parameters that go into risk calculation. Risk can be minimized if we can identify it. Risk is related to time. The first question to ask when making an investment is: When do I need the money? In general, you can take more risk if your investment horizon is distant. This is because you have more time to recoup your potential losses along the way. Major factors that determine risk are stated below. Macro factors that add to risk are the economic performance of the country. The GDP growth of 8% + in the last few years has fuelled the stock market rally. Interest rate movements, each time the Reserve Bank changes the benchmark rates of interest, has a positive or negative impact on the market. The dominance of FIIs in India has also led to a sensitivity of the market to interest rate cuts, announced by FED in the US. International developments, such as energy prices, WTO, insurgence and wars between countries also impact risk, since such issues affect share prices. Regulatory changes such as Truck overloading norms, Intellectual Property Rights, and VAT also add to risk directly if the .pany is part of such and industry, and indirectly, if such changes impact all industries in general. The feel-good factor is also necessary to keep the market sentiment buoyant; if everyone feels that the economy is doomed then there is little one can do to improve market sentiment. Industry-level risks include: the state of a specific industry, whether it is in growth, maturity or decline phase. Industries such as IP telephones and cell phones are in the growth phase whereas certain type of asbestos sheets manufacturing, which is a health hazard, is not. Industry cycles are also important: for example, in the monsoons, there is less demand for cement .pared to the rest of the year. Structural changes and paradigm shifts in an industry should be observed, such as peoples current preference for motorcycles .pared to scooters, or landline phones versus mobile phones or electronic encyclopedias versus printed books. .pany-level performance risk includes: .pany value sets and governance norms, whether it has a dominant position in the industry or is an also-ran; financial parameters, such as earning per share (EPS), whether it has short-term or long-term approach to growth. Its quality of management and corporate governance are important. Infosys carries one of the lowest risk parameters as far as corporate governance goes since it is one of the best managed .panies in its field. If the .pany is listed as a Z group share or in Trade-for-Trade settlement, then it is a clear indication that either the .pany is not fulfilling the listing requirements or there is unusual activity in the market in relation to the share, and the stock exchange has put it under special surveillance. Regulatory risks associated with markets are also important. If the quality of regulation is poor then the response to scams is also not adequate. While scams and market manipulation will continue to happen as long as there is human greed, how regulators and the entire legal system respond to them is important. Timely prevention, early detection, speedy and severe punishments act will deter potential manipulators. Regular reviews and correction of outdated laws ensure .pliance from citizens. Systemic risk relating to stock markets, such as that to do with the technology, needs to be understood. Today, the markets are heavily dependent on .plex systems that run through public and private .works; inability to square off an open position during the closure of the market is a major risk. Please read the Risk Disclosure Document that is available with brokers to understand such risks. Successful investing would require you to study prospects and project earnings, P/Es and market prices versus todays levels, risk /return benchmarks are necessary to review when either is achieved. Avoid greed for more profits or fear of incurring losses. Be rational rather than emotional. Sleep over a decision, if necessary. Haste can make waste. In summary let us remember-no risk no return. No pain No gain. Take small steps. Ask for advise. Read books. Use Inter.. But dont give up on investing because a film tells you so or your cousins neighbours uncles co-brothers friend in Jumri Tallaiya said he lost his shirt in the markets! Own your decisions and learn from your mistakes. They are the best teachers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: