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Learn to be a "nuisance" mom! The Sohu has a mother remember Sakai Komako "I hate Mom", has been a finalist in the 2007 "parents must read & red clay outstanding children’s book list". In this book the little rabbit to the mother: not to help him wash the socks full of complaints, temper, has been urging him to hurry up, he was not allowed to watch cartoons, Sunday in bed can not afford to let him hungry…… The most dissatisfied with the rabbit is that his mother would not marry him! The rabbit was so angry that he wanted to run away…… A little rabbit crossed his arms, staring angrily at the cookies on the table, thinking about his mother’s "no", the more the more angry. Guess why the little bunny hates Mommy? Today is Sunday, the little rabbit got up early. But mom? Was still sleeping, look at all the time? Little rabbit sat in front of the table!" However, my mother still sleep ah sleep, sleep can not sleep. The little rabbit only ate cookies. You say hate don’t hate. Also, you see, every night, my mother was doing, she wouldn’t allow me to watch cartoons, can go to watch TV non-stop, with eyes blinking, you said is exasperating. My mother watched TV, and the little rabbit was bored, so she picked up her toys and went to the bathroom to play alone. The bad thing is that it makes a mess in the bathroom, water and soap bubbles all over the floor. Mother came over and picked up the little rabbit at once. Look, angry and angry. When you eat, the little rabbit to play while eating, when a finger over, do not ask is the mother’s hand, kept the command: "hurry up, hurry up!" My mother knew (rabbit) urged me to hurry up, but when she met a friend and friend chat, take me (rabbit) aside indifferent. What about the little bunny?! When I came to the kindergarten, I was always late and forgot to wash my clothes. The most important thing is that the little rabbit wanted to marry her mother, but her mother said. That is when I grow up, there is no way to marry me. 9:50, see? There is an alarm clock under her mother’s pillow. Mom still didn’t get up, so little rabbit decided to run away from home. He said angrily, "goodbye, mom!" Then slammed the door shut. Mother rabbit opened her eyes. Then he sat up on the bed and stared at the door. It seems that my mother is still worried about the rabbit. Oh, it’s a rabbit. Mother deliberately quipped to: "forget what?" Bunny also excuse – forget to take the ball. In fact, it does not want to leave her mother, but do not want to run away from home. The little rabbit and said: "see me, mom?" Also used to say? My answer is — the little rabbit came to the embrace of her mother, mother greeted a small rabbit in her arms, happy smile. Look, these pairs of socks who washed ah, the children said: "mother good by common consent相关的主题文章:

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Tencent cloud salon exclusive secret, giant network hiding black technology – Sohu "street basket" technology as one of the key research Mobile Games giant network, will be officially launched, the channel will be equipped with the Tencent in the cloud, ensure at runtime can withstand high concurrent access, potential bottlenecks due to the number of users increased. In fact, this is not the first cloud giant network game. The Tencent will be invited to the living room there is a cloud giant network Nebula studio head Hu Yuanxing, and cloud host Tencent vice president Ceng Jiaxin, focus on cloud computing, big data to start a dialogue about the giant network behind the legendary decryption. Cloud is the only way for enterprises to play the giant network as one of the leading players in the Chinese game industry, in 2005 by virtue of the "journey" fame. After more than and 10 years of development, the company has accumulated experience in the game industry, such as R & D, production, operation and maintenance, etc.. "07 years ago, the giant network has no money, no technology, we will go to the market to buy OME, IBM shell assembling more than 1 thousand servers is over," Hu Yuanxing recalls. With the giant network of listed company on the right track, some compliance and audit requirements have been unable to meet the old technology, especially with large data, cloud computing era, the development of the company is limited. 2016 1-6 China game industry report shows that China’s game users reached 489 million, of which mobile users reached 405 million, accounting for the total number of 82.8%. The rapid development of hand travel industry is the advantage of the traditional game companies, but also challenges. Hand travel market released more than a hundred kinds of daily, players can choose to widen the face of the old game company, will undoubtedly increase the pressure of competition. 2014, the giant network, is also facing enormous challenges. Hu Yuanxing said: in 14 years, we have a very close cooperation with Tencent cloud, because we started to hand tour force." Hand travel is very suitable for the field of public cloud model, but due to portability, fragmentation characteristics, easy to cause the user’s flock and get together. "The first two months of rapid development, but the user churn rate is also very fast." For non cloud computing companies, the server is too little to meet the rapid growth of the number of users, the server is too much, it will increase the company’s capital and technical burden. So the Tencent and cloud cooperation has become a giant network on the first step of the cloud. Cloud computing will become the winning point of the game industry "journey" 2 million 200 thousand year peak number of myths, makes the "new journey" Mobile Games was released, it was highly concerned with the influx of users, the unit area with the service online at the same time, the number of nearly 1000 people. Periodic open area quickly, the huge amount of users to import to increase the number of servers, the beta at the start of the game has opened nearly 300 areas. This is expected to be a giant giant network, in advance with the Tencent cloud to develop a response plan. Unlimited bandwidth packet service Tencent cloud, is to solve the problem caused by the number of users increased the pressure on the server and the launch of the package according to the amount of bandwidth, billing, how and how much to spend, to avoid the lower evaluation problem, the problem of waste estimated too high.相关的主题文章: