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Parking is difficult to become a hot focus of the Municipal Construction Committee: to encourage potential additional parking spaces "a lot of people go home a top priority is to grab parking spaces. Sometimes, the entrance of the district are blocked to stop the chaos." The day before, the Municipal People’s Congress meeting on "strengthening property management" represents the suggestions for the work of supervision and inspection. Many property management problems, parking is difficult to become the focus of hot debate. Difficult to mention every year, why can not control the Municipal People’s Congress Chang Jiang has been concerned about the problem of parking area, I mention every year, but the contradictions are still constantly intensified, why?" Chang Jiang said that he lived in the area of chaos often contradictory parking, parking spaces because there is no shortage of people there is no place to stop, the car parked in the underground garage exit. "I myself have been hit by others, the export is completely blocked, the back of the retrograde, you are ready to go out, he came in, you can not see." Municipal People’s Congress Le Jiazhen also experienced such a thing. One morning she was ready to put the car out of the cell, but the import and export channels stopped the car, she did not notice at the time, hit the car, so this place can not stop, because it is exported. But the result is that she is full responsibility. "Why in the public road illegal parking will be punished, but to the community will ignore?" Behind the parking contradiction, or parking spaces behind the contradiction of chaos parking, refraction is the lack of parking spaces. Municipal People’s Congress Miu Changxi said, many of the district has a lot of vacant places, this part of the resources can be used to change into a three-dimensional garage. There are representatives suggested that the mining area surrounding the road resources for peak parking. Municipal Construction Committee Deputy Director Deng Jianping said, in conjunction with the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of green city "in the implementation of the" on the strengthening of city parking facilities construction guidance "implementation opinions" "on promoting the city parking resources sharing by using the guidance" opinions drafting. "We encourage and support qualified residential district, the owners decided to tap additional parking facilities, parking to encourage the sharing of resources, improve the efficiency and service level using the stock of parking facilities, promote the resources surrounding residential parking services to the residents of wrong vehicles, in order to effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of parking facilities." Parking problem will be a long-term impact of property management and community management of a difficult problem." Deng Jianping said, the next stage, the Municipal Construction Committee will jointly relevant departments to jointly study the adjustment of green area to increase parking spaces, encourage and guide conditional residential construction of parking facilities and other measures, through a variety of ways to alleviate the parking problem of residents. Yu Lie, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, also said it would actively encourage the conditions of the residential area and the surrounding shared parking resources, the implementation of parking at the wrong time, to ease the contradiction between residential parking at night. Three dimensional garage construction, the program will simplify the more difficult, the more we try to crack." According to the Municipal Transportation Commission revealed that the city will also innovative initiatives to solve the parking problem, such as to further promote the construction of a parking garage construction to simplify approval procedures, to use their own land to build mechanical parking facilities, implementation of special equipment (crane) on the principle of the approval process, the Department of quality and technical supervision led a door type audit)相关的主题文章: