Peach pear white he married to Liyan Tong, is relying on talent and strength

Peach pear white: he married Liyan Tong, rely on the talent and strength of the peach pear white: media columnist Ge Yiran, the original entertainment media, is committed to the attitude of entertainment. Public number: geyiran666. This paper, Wu Qian     map from the network, not long ago, the Golden Horse Award announced the nomination list "," July, "I wish you a happy voyage. and peaceful" and "I am not Pan Jinlian" lead the nomination, and Ma Sichun, Dongyu Zhou nominated actress Fan Bingbing. Get 5 nominations for the "Chinatown Holmes" but low-key to almost be ignored. Because: "the 5 nominated Chinatown Holmes", is full of technology award. Technology is an important component of the film, can save so many technology nomination, director and screenwriter Chen Sicheng. And not only won more than 800 million at the box office in China, 5 Golden Horse Award nomination, in the world has also been recognized. Before the Golden Horse Award nomination, "Chinatown Holmes" at the Venice International Film Festival screenings in a special screening unit. Japanese detective novels on micro-blog Soji Shimada said "Chinatown" is the masterpiece "reasoning methods". Chen Sicheng began to do the "Chinatown Holmes", the idea is simple: he is the movie when the dream, "Chinatown Holmes" is his dream. "Dream" this thing, is the draft program and chicken soup is the most familiar formula. Chen Sicheng was an actor. In 2003, TV drama "the beach" broadcast from Chen Sicheng on the poster of the station (far left), could see that he was still pure new. At the time of the big coffee Wang Xuebing, in the film "the beach", found that Chen Sicheng is an idea, the restless actor. When filming early every day, with all the actors Waner than his total: or we shoot like this film…… Everyone thought the lad had a lot of ideas, but Chen Sicheng wasn’t just thinking about it. Learn to perform Chen Sicheng, "soldier assault" round actor dream. "Beijing love story" made him a creative dream. To the film version of the "Beijing love story" and Wang Xuebing again, he has been the Director + screenwriter + actor, as Wang Xuebing said, he thought that "this" has been achieved. To the "Chinatown" Sherlock, Chen Sicheng has put the whole industry to touch a times, the whole industry is talking about IP, Chen Sicheng think hot IP is someone else’s dream, the story of others, he want to be a pure storyteller, so choose the original. The possibility of having a dream, "just think," you must hard Sike, can gradually outline its outline. "Chinatown" is said to play Sherlock Chen Sicheng finished on the plane, he delved into the "suspect X" like mystery novels, I wrote 4 words, 10 words of the script character biographies, but also with the team to Thailand, and a private detective, police interviews. The Internet was once questioned: This is not Chen Sicheng’s handwriting? After making the script, worried about the finished production link, he personally cast actors. In the film;相关的主题文章: