Platinum Tao, such as hotel marketing is too dirty multiple use of sleep and other sexually suggesti

Such as the home of platinum Tao hotel marketing too pollution: repeatedly used to sleep in her sexually suggestive words, such as platinum Tao hotel group, many times in its official WeChat public article titles use "derailed" "sleep in her" open house "with sexually suggestive words, marketing is more and more" dirty ", but no supervision. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: "dirty", so the hotel marketing nobody? _fina heavy industry recently, the Home Inn group in its official WeChat public numbers on the launch of crazy to stimulate the derailment about it! "Read more than one hundred thousand. Reporter observed, platinum Tao, such as the home hotel group in the official WeChat public manufacturing with sex and sexual cues title of vulgar marketing, attracting attention and forwarding, this behavior caused a lot of controversy in the industry. Industry analysts said the end of the hotel entered a phase of intense competition, vulgar marketing or short Bo eye, but the practice of brand if things go on like this, is tantamount to exploit, called on relevant departments to strengthen supervision, to avoid "vulgar marketing". The end of the hotel network marketing by three Bo eye in recent years, Econo Hotel to the end of the hotel market development example It is often seen. The day before, a JinJiang Inn is located in Shanghai Fujian South Road, Jinjiang shares, has been converted into a new brand of "Kang platinum" in the acquisition of French Du Louvre Hotel group after the formal introduction of French brand Campanile. The personage inside course of study expresses, native land hotel is advanced to high-end hotel market force, it is the major characteristic that hotel industry appears in recent years. With the slowdown in the development of Econo Hotel, the hotel market has become the object of force. However, with the domestic hotel group to develop the end of the hotel, coupled with international brands have also started to enter the end of the hotel brand, the hotel market competition is increasingly fierce. In early 2013, end of the hotel market has been coveted by the industry. Following the live in China, Jinjiang have entered the hotel market in the end of 2013, July, by He Boquan 7 Days Inn group, the original shareholders and investment fund Carlyle Group and Sequoia Capital jointly established platinum Tao hotel group, and has launched a number of new mid-range hotel brand, which opened in the end of the hotel market competition curtain. Dai Bin Dean China Tourism Research Institute said that Chinese end hotel market has entered the period of the rise in the current market, layout of the end of the hotel, are outstanding intelligence, fashion and other characteristics, it fills a gap in the market. In recent years, Internet marketing is increasingly favored by the hotel industry, in the fierce competition in the middle of the hotel, also began to use their own platform for network marketing. Platinum Tao industry active in recent years to focus on Internet marketing, public micro signal article also had "vulgar" as the best place to recommend "Hey", by the two dimension of eye-catching beauty and other marketing practices are controversial. A netizen called more and more pollution. Industry analysts said, "Red Net" era, "vulgar" increasingly rampant. In the "red" world, through malicious Funny, exaggerated way from my speculation, through the dissemination of pornography, violence and other image to win the attention of the practices of more and more frequent, the profound influence, in the competition on white相关的主题文章: