Plunge Wave theory explain the iron ore and other varieties of the market outlook autobots

Plunge? Wave theory explain the iron ore and other varieties of the market outlook hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This article from the micro signal research investment hedge iron ore is running two C wave down from the iron ore index weekly, is currently running two wave C callback, if the two wave is vulnerable callback, C wave will appear waves 5 waves down, this week fell below the previous low, belongs to the C3 wave down, only homeopathic short. Is expected to be able to fall back to 400 points, does not rule out the last fall to the support line, about 370 points, the current position approach short, there should be a decline of 10%. Thread thread index index wave deduction Friday night set below the 1895 point rise since the support line, officially announced the rally ended, from wave analysis, 1895 points can be 2A wave callback, 2B wave rally to 2641, then 2C 1895 wave callback; can also be 2 waves to space for time adjustment later, rose to 2641 points, 31 waves up, now is the 32 wave of callback. No matter what a wave was the last market validation, are now pointing to only continue callback. Thread and black varieties with G20 summit speculation, estimates ahead of the end of the market, most of the time in advance of the fundamentals of top bottom, last industrial index bottomed out in November 24, 2015 to February 2016, the Political Bureau of the meeting, the highest level was proposed to inventory pressure capacity, the summit of the G20 hype, also estimated ahead of the end. Due to the magnitude of the 2A wave callback, it is estimated that up to 2C wave up to the original increase in the support line, about 2100 points, the current position is still down there are 300 points, it is worth doing. The final 2 wave callback should be about a symmetrical triangle. Glass index — textbook wave index before the industrial index of glass bottomed out in July 9, 2015, the wave of operation, as accurate as textbooks, after 1 waves up, and the industrial index is not synchronized, the 2 wave callback rate almost 100%; 31 internal wave 5 wave structure, and then the standard the 32 wave has the same characteristics; 2 waves, but also deep amplitude correction, and the time is long; 34 waves in a relatively short time, with the principle of alternating 4 waves and 2 waves; 4 waves 4 waves before the callback to a low level (34 waves); the 5 wave is the extension of the waves, 5 sub waves in the clear, of which 55 internal waves and 5 waves, and finally the formation of a rising wedge, at the same time, KD and MACD have appeared two times from histogram. (in this group of 5 waves up, even more amazing is that: after each wave wave signal callback sub optimal entry point is true breakthrough.) Based on this judgment, the 14 wave of the glass lasted for the last 5 months, has peaked, the current position is short, the value of the Bo rate is very high, a new stop, then on相关的主题文章: