PPP concept into a rebound in the main force with the theme of the fund to keep the air haywire

The concept of PPP into the main force rebound funds with heavy air related topics keep sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million this week, in the garden, environmental protection as the representative of the concept of PPP A stock market A new force suddenly rises., become the main force "led the rebound". As of Thursday, the Oriental Garden week rose 18.02%. In fact, PPP stocks in early August had been poised. Data show that the PPP industry index rose 12.25% in August. Since PPP is a project financing mode of cooperation between government and social capital in the field of public infrastructure, it is very important to promote the policy level. Recently, the third installment of the Ministry of finance pilot project is expected to be introduced, with normative significance of the PPP mode of operation, legal documents and other aspects will be intensive introduction. Ahead of the layout of PPP heavily loaded stocks in the two quarter of the fund is likely to achieve in the second half of net worth soared. The construction of public infrastructure PPP projects mainly focus on the environmental protection industry, including gardens, water, solid waste treatment etc.. Environmental PPP due to better linkage upstream and downstream industry chain, significantly pulling GDP growth, is expected to become the focus of the second half of fiscal policy to promote the government. At the same time, environmental PPP projects relative to other assets, earnings stability. Therefore, environmental theme fund investment opportunities are more obvious. INVESCO the Great Wall stocks, Qianhai Kaiyuan environmental advantages of clean energy, universal environmental protection industry stocks in recent March net gainers, as of September 7th, the cumulative net increase reached 15.64%, 13.24%, 13.18%. In addition to environmental protection PPP, to participate in a large amount of cash flow to generate PPP projects and long-term municipal engineering projects will also become the PPP concept of "pioneer"". Investors can focus on the early layout of the fund. According to incomplete statistics Taurus financial network, the two quarter of this year, active stocks heavily loaded configuration PPP stocks mixed fund reached 254. A total of 38 stocks get the favor of the fund. From the overall fund positions situation, 000 Rui Xing, huitianfu environmental protection industry stocks, Wan Jiaxin Lee, sea charm, ecological environment of Yangtze River Delta mixed ICBC stock sapphire stocks accounted for the proportion of the net top, respectively 26.03%, 21.84%, 18.72%, 16.33%, 15.76%. Wan Rui Xinghe huitianfu environmental protection industry stock the largest holding four stocks. Bo epitaxial growth theme of the new hybrid and Bo Ou Feiguang and violet industries are heavily loaded configuration nationalchip. Wan Xing Rui key investment sponge city and building two areas under the PPP project enterprises, respectively, Wai Hai shares Gezhouba Dam, long yuan construction, Su cross section. Huitianfu environmental industry stocks were heavily loaded configuration enlightenment of Sander and Dongjiang environmental protection, environmental protection, Addison first ring shares. Wan Jiaxin profit allocation and Rui Xing million is similar, but also the tunnel shares investment in "PPP+ city" project. The Sea Charm mixing and ecological environment in Yangtze River Delta ICBC stock were the largest holding two stocks. The former is heavy with Dongjiang environmental and Ding Han Technology; the choice of Wuhan holding and Hongseong water on相关的主题文章: