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Pu Jinhui was involved in corruption cronies to search suspected 25 in Chong Wa Dae Museum on the Cui Shunshi case and apologize to the people with the influence of the privatization of the consortium of two Sohu News – South Korean President Park Geun hye. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on October 26th, responsible for the investigation of South Korean President Park Geun hye Cui Shunshi cronies involved in corruption dispute investigation group on the 26 day of the Cui Shunshi house, Mir, and K sports consortium consortium FKI office also conducted a search and field evidence. Yonhap News Agency reported that South Korea’s ruling new world party held the afternoon of 26 emergency Congress, the audience agreed to set up a special inspection group, all doubts the investigation triggered by Cui Shunshi cronies park. According to previous South Korean "Korean national newspaper" reported that South Korean prosecutors are investigating the President Park Geun hye’s closest political ally Cui Shunshi, accusing it of using the influence of bribes to large enterprises. Cui Shunshi is the former chief secretary, park Geun hye, Zheng Runhui’s ex-wife, Pu Jinhui is accused of "the first side of the Reds, as the relationship between the two sisters. South Korea questioned Cui Shunshi intervention of these consortium operations and alleged corruption, and President Pu Jinhui is to be blamed. The report said, this has become the biggest political crisis since the park’s encounter. 26 am at about 9 am, the Seoul central public prosecutor’s office to the Mir consortium and K sports consortium office to send prosecutors and search personnel, seized the work documents, computer hard drives, mobile phones, etc.. Prosecutors also to the National Federation of economic office sent more than and 10 prosecutors and search personnel, and seized two consortia set up operations and related information, mobile phone, computer hard disk and all kinds of archives and books etc.. The object of the search and advertising director including Cui Shunshi Che Enze house, office. Reported that prosecutors said the move has officially launched a corruption scandal investigation. Prosecutors plan to investigate whether the seizure of information through the Chong Wa Dae Mir consortium and the establishment of the K sports consortium, Cui Shunshi misappropriation of public funds, such as two. The report pointed out that from the surface, there is no direct correlation between Cui Shunshi and the two group, but she suspected henchman as a consortium of positions, and by Germany and South Korea companies embezzlement, actually the two privatization consortium. According to Yonhap news agency reported, with the exposure of the scandal, the opposition politician asked Congress to start a comprehensive investigation, and called on the park the appointment of an independent prosecutor investigating the case. At first, Chong Wa Dae responded to the allegations as "politically malicious slander and attack."". Subsequently, the Secretary for president Li Yuanzhong to explain that President Park know Cui Shunshi is not false, but the two is not a." But the South Korean Ohmynews news website said, good feelings between the two men of the deep have evidence. When Park Geun hye being attacked, hospitalization, in the care of Cui Shunshi. Pu Jinhui wore in the presidential inauguration of the hanbok, was purchased and Cui Shunshi gave the park. Pollster Gallup and South Korea (Gallup Korea) 21 announced the results of a survey, the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate was 25%, the lowest since taking office record refresh.相关的主题文章: