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Advertising In simple terms, public relations is the craft or art, if you will, of cultivating and enhancing relationships between an entity, usually a business and its prospective clients, customers and audience. This means that if you own or manage a business in the UK, public relations is the best way that you can instigate growth. The Initial Stages of a Public Relations Campaign One of the key functions of Public Relations involves analyzing public attitudes and this can also include employees, while upholding and maintaining a beneficial relationship between your organization and the public. In this way, lines of .munication can be established and maintained between an organization and the public that can be accessed and used to your benefit. PR in the Age of the Internet Today some of the most .mon methods for examining and quantifying public attitudes are focus groups and opinion polls that invite the general public to take an active role. Then there are more high tech IT methodologies that can make use of database-driven phone banks or broadcast faxes, satellite feeds as well as numerous options that the Internet holds available. One of the First Priorities of the PR Specialist One of the first priorities is generally to relay positive information about a .panys services or products to the general public but it definitely goes well beyond that. For instance, another goal might be to enhance a business image or legacy by way of enlisting the help of elected officials. Then there are lines of .munication ran to nonprofit organizations such as schools that can be established and utilized. Public Relations Crisis Management Today, as public relations increasingly important for prominent public and media personalities and of course businesses in the UK, the need for crises management and abatement PR specialists continues to expand. These types of services offered by public relations firms function to effectively save face or rescue the image of a person or .pany that has been the focus of any negative publicity. Making the Best of Negative Publicity In these cases time is of essence. Also in this age when for so many entities any publicity is good publicity, so often the focus is to simply place a positive spin on anything negative that has made it into the media. Often times in these cases the goal will be to convert negative publicity into the seeds of an ongoing public debate, such that in the end the .pany or entity is vindicated and in fact promoted. Manipulating the Media to Draw Public Attention If this sounds odd then try to keep in mind the general rule of media broadcasting that dictates that if a story bleeds it leads. Also one needs not look to far to find any one of several cases where celebrities in particular have lured in massive media coverage by way of negative publicity that in the end had the effect of broadening their audience and increasing their stock. Dealing with Negative Press This is not to say that negative publicity is good because by far, in the greater majority of cases it isn’t. It is merely to make the point that should a firm or public figure in the UK encounter some type of negative press, with the help of a qualified public relations specialist, the publicity in its self can be shaped and manipulated to a positive benefit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: