Roewe rx5 yunos articles and beauty OS Zhi appeared in ASEAN Expo – Science and technology Sohu running man20130526

Roewe RX5 YunOS articles and beauty "OS wisdom unveiled ASEAN Expo – Sohu technology on Sept. 11, thirteenth China – ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as the" Expo ") opened in Nanning, one of the highlights of this conference, the Alibaba group and Guangxi signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, in the output, cloud technology the calculation of big data," Internet + ", e-commerce, Internet banking and public credit system construction and other areas to carry out in-depth cooperation, help Guangxi become ASEAN technology, services, trade and personnel optimal output. In the exhibition galleries, Alibaba and its affiliates ant gold dress display "black technology products, has also attracted to the leaders, guests and the citizens of Nanning have the crowd and experience, become the focus of the audience. YunOS as a Alibaba group’s innovative business, the ASEAN Expo, to embrace the Internet of things, the ecological achievements of the future as the theme, the appearance of Alibaba group exhibition. Internet automotive intelligent hardware innovation platform in July this year, released the world’s first mass-produced Internet car (OS’ Car) debut. The Internet car YunOS system platform based on Car for, which opened up between different intelligence equipment data connection, bring new driving experience for users. From the application of the upgrade to the desktop, support for dual blind positioning, in the underground garage can still be fast positioning and navigation, matching the speed of the vehicle to change the information presented more intelligent, the car with the road to turn, the car into one. Voice became the first interactive mode, the use of voice interaction in the car, replacing APP, more natural and safe. Not only that, the Internet car or the first "self" car, through the movement of the camera, connected to the UAV, the user can easily self timer, no dead induction inside the car, around the vehicle status as master, and share photos, record the moments of life. Internet car release so that the car has become a new Internet service and intelligent hardware innovation platform, but also ushered in the era of Internet of things. OS set wisdom loaded with the future of the Internet refrigerator at the same time, this exhibition will be on display at the YunOS booth a beautiful collection of intelligence OS Internet refrigerator. As the first YunOS operating system equipped with the Internet refrigerator, OS set Chi simply log on to a Taobao account, you can enjoy the borderless Internet services. According to the refrigerator fresh storage condition, time, holidays and other factors, based on user habits, intelligent recommendation of fresh ingredients, users can directly purchase orders "key". No need to open the refrigerator, real-time image recognition, so that the storage material at a glance, but also according to the existing ingredients to generate cloud recipes, food is no longer wasted, cooking is no longer troubled. And music, radio and other audio-visual entertainment services can also make cooking happy. On September 8th organized by the · group strategic cooperation conference triggered at any moment; all embracing the Internet and beauty group Alibaba, Alibaba OS group business group general manager Ali Gu Zhicheng released the YunOS@Home intelligence division. The beauty of the OS set wisdom Internet refrigerator is a new YunOS@Home smart.相关的主题文章: