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Rong report shot, it is not known to find the shops and Sohu report – Rong Lake Wanda Plaza atrium, over three floors high posters, I am afraid it is difficult to be ignored. "We have second Xiamen cuisine" advertising language is quite bright. Can not help but curiosity, to the third floor of the banquet in the case of Rong rong. Signs of gold and black, Bling Bling, seems to want to highlight in the ordinary its luxurious, although local dishes, also can do fine. The menu, plates, bottles, all full splendor of comfortable deck, four chairs, Fenlv, purple glass window, tile flooring, full of Nanyang style open kitchen, like an upgraded version of the food stalls, in front of you, make a dish shoots cold, typical traditional Minnan special snack, according to legend, the inventor Zheng Chenggong, fresh sea bamboo, rich in pectin processed as a jelly like general food, dipped in mustard yellow, glittering and translucent, Q elastic and smooth, full of the smell of the ocean. Pickled radish under (Minnan dialect called "the first acid") is also very good oh. Fresh vegetable salad, melon, kiwi, apple, orange, grape and lettuce, with mango sauce, every bite is refreshing. In shrimp tofu, tofu tender, salty sauce, shrimp nutrition, simple and good taste. This is known as the soup can be Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, worthy of the name, the milk white soup is really delicious, but not very spicy, can be used to mix the line, taste really good. Braised taro is the most areca I love food, areca taro season is pink, Susong, eat in the mouth of the rain, plus the fragrant onion oil flavor and delicious! Soy? Spring buds, bud fresh bamboo shoots good chewing, and "scraping", is really the ideal food. Kale Angus Thai sauce beef satay?? oyster shell tubular cake, is very crisp, but the feeling is too greasy, it contained three or four oysters, big and small, generally okay. Xiamen Griddle Cake, has wrapped, blooming in the steamer, with quite rich, if more Enteromorpha, more seafood, better. Rong’s report is the feast case new brand, service is good, as in the past, the younger sister service dress uniform, warm and thoughtful trained with regularity, for example, pouring mango sauce when asked whether people allergic to mango, noodles up, don’t put in order to avoid the side to remind long noodles Tuo, side to side help line add soup. Per capita: 100+相关的主题文章: