Rouge exposed the ultimate notice Zhao Liying trapped siege staged fine points of Lu Yi (video) jodie foster

"Rouge" exposure Zhao Liying Lu Yi staged in the siege of the ultimate Trailer fine points "rouge" Zhao Liying Lu Yi played the ultimate notice multiple identity agent [9.27] Tencent premiere entertainment news by Xu Zhou Ji’s director, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and other actor starred in the burning power generation in Spy Drama "rouge" recently exposed the ultimate trailer, the story in the period of Anti Japanese war in Shanghai as the big stage, staged between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang, the Japanese three party mutual penetration of cutthroat competition, leading blue Rouge as agents, shouldering the task lurking in the interior of the enemy, face the ultimate test of the most dangerous. The genius of Zhao Liying Lu Yi on the war and the latent blood agents from flying romantic Ultimate Trailer can be seen, "rouge" is not only the spy drama shooting, action hot scenes, highlighting the story more thick and heavy in colours of suspense, trailer that is the beginning of a difficult task which Zhao Liying played the genius Blue Bear: Rouge agents "thirteen points of contact, three operations team, one hundred and seventy-eight people’s lives", she is to sneak in the dark, to camouflage in the light, it is dangerous to encounter thrilling scene and inquisition by torture. Blue Rouge identity complex, from the beginning of naivete rich girl, in the domestic turmoil under the fate of a person can not, I was the agent for the execution of tasks lurking "from hero to traitor" experience times of death danger, people with her nieyibahan. Zhao Liying is in the Chinese Li transformation, put the gun against him, nei. Another play bone Lu Yi, has always been a "yes man" image of the people, self breakthrough in this drama, played with three identities of Zhou Yuhao, as a spy he often faced the danger of shooting, blasting at a crucial moment, is he on the one hand, be nothing difficult, carrying national responsibility, on the other hand the implementation of the tasks in the blue and carmine produced romantic emotion, between national interests and immersed in love, he will be how to choose? Two people finally can get married? The relationship between the characters of suspense friend enemy concept "rouge" in the relationship of the characters from the perplexing exposure of the ultimate trailer is also reflected. Lu Yi plays Zhou Yuhao, who plays with Zhao Liying during the execution of the task of the blue Rouge feeling, and the identity of the two people so that their position in the friendship between non-stop change, Yuan Wenkang’s heart is very abuse; the song is also a strong Mian cool agent, his relationship with blue Rouge mentor, blue is on the road of the rouge agents guide, comrades, but also blue Rouge had to face the enemy, the ultimate Trailer in the more he did not hesitate to shoot a scene toward the blue rouge; and Tao Xinran plays Feng Manna, a kind of blue is started with rouge naivete rich girl, sudden change in the family she is transformed into a means of malicious fierce figures, two people overnight by the best friend turned enemy fight at outrance. "Rouge" by Hairun Television Productions Ltd, Haining Television Culture Co., Ltd. Moon Flower new Laguna TV culture Investment Limited jointly produced, the upcoming September 27th landing, Zhejiang Oriental two TV audience and meet, please look forward to "rouge" blood!相关的主题文章: