Sandi Vito A Woman Of

Politics When you talk about excellence, one name stands out from the rest. Sandi Vito, secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry in the state of Pennsylvania, is the name who most Pennsylvanians would think about when it .es to excellence. Before her latest job, she has already served in various organizations either from the national or local level. Due to this, she has received numerous awards. She had her education at the Stockton State University earning a degree in Economics, and she also studied .munity and Regional Planning and Urban Studies at Temple University. During her term as secretary, Sandi Vito has made a lot of revolutionary systems aimed at giving maximum benefits for the labor and industry. Her department also successfully met the daily demands of some critical programs like workforce development, vocational rehabilitation and workers .pensation. The promotion of economic interests has a huge impact in the whole state, and it resulted in the strengthening of the labor force. Vitos leadership qualities are brilliant and top notch that she has also been an icon for other leaders. Her introduction of the seven-week extension of unemployment .pensation benefits helped thousand of unemployed workers. Due to her great effort, a lot unemployed people were supported and the number of unemployment dipped. Before Sandi Vito was tapped to take over the secretarial position, she also worked as chief of staff to state Senator Christine Tartaglione and as a political director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. During her stint, she became part of the Pennsylvanias Smartest Staffers and Operatives and was also named to Sy Snyders Power 50 lists of influential people. She was also part of Pennsylvania’s Most Politically Powerful Women. Among the awards and recognitions that Sec. Vito received are: Salute to the Leadership Eagle Award in 2009; Manufacturers Association of South Central Pennsylvania Workforce Professional of the Year Award in 2008; Paul Robeson Award given by the District 1199C in Philadelphia in 2008; and Trailblazer Award presented by the National .work of Sector Partners in 2007. The United States Department of Labor also proclaimed her workforce methods as a national model to be followed by other states. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: