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Scientists take you "play" DNA: data encoding only 6 steps – the Sohu of science and technology as everyone knows, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an important biological molecular composition of human genetic material, its main function is to store genetic information. Usually, the scientists will seriously consider DNA as the one and only individual "identity card", however, some artists have brain hole wide open, artistic creation with DNA; some scientists have "ideas", "hard" when using DNA molecules, data storage. DNA art in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia University City Science Center (University CityScience Center) Esther · Klein (Esther Klein Gallery, EKG Gallery), artist Paul · wannas (Paul Vanouse) is a unique exhibition of art creation: using mixed DNA information of visitors. In October 20th, sponsored by the "wannas America projection" (The AmericaProject) exhibition grand opening, and will continue until November 19th. The exhibition is to have a unique style: visitors are invited to take the DNA sampling — with saline rinse 60 seconds after the recovery of "slobber". Visitors will wannas "slobber" collected in a transparent spittoon mixed samples, DNA gel electrophoresis (GelElectrophoresis) * treatment, the visitors DNA information artistic images of different. The visitors "slobber" samples into the transparent spittoon, red tentacle like pipe connected to the test tube in the centrifuge. Wannas said: "this is like a big pot, all Americans together as one." Gel electrophoresis is a technique for the separation and analysis of macromolecules (such as DNA, RNA, proteins) and their fragments. Under the action of electric field, the fragments with different sizes (such as DNA) have different electrophoretic mobility in the agar gel, thus forming different electrophoretic patterns. Generally speaking, "DNA map" (DNA fingerprinting) is used to identify the individual forensic. However, wannas believes that since the human genome is similar to a great extent, then use group mixed DNA samples will achieve specific standard (electrophoresis) image. Wannas said: "I don’t want to emphasize is the one and only DNA individual identity, on the contrary, I want to emphasize that, regardless of the individual who is the final image can get a standard." The exhibition hall of the background, gel electrophoresis analysis of the day before * DNA mixed samples collected in the visitors and the purchase of human DNA samples using wannas, DNA map information in real time to the main hall projection screen, visitors can watch the scene in real time. * Note: since the DNA gel electrophoresis process takes at least one day, visitors will be able to view the samples collected the day before. Crown – like相关的主题文章: