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Crafts-Hobbies Pre-teens are old enough to take their own pictures and create a scrapbook photo album all their own. They might need help though and these tips will get them started. First, help them get the perfect shot. Get them an inexpensive digital camera so they can experiment without endangering your expensive one. Then review photography tips for kids that you can find online. These will help them take pictures they will be proud of. Show them how to edit their pictures digitally to eliminate red eye or adjust the color. Help them order the prints themselves. Then show them how to crop them to add focus to the object of the photo. If the picture is of their younger sibling in front of the Christmas tree, for example, show them how to crop the photo so that the sibling is centered in the picture with the Christmas tree in the background. When creating their scrapbook, they should start simple and you should limit their options. You might be tempted to let them share your scrapbooking supplies. Rather than letting them rifle through all your supplies (which would probably take them until adulthood), set aside a smaller selection for them to choose from. This keeps things from overwhelming for them and ensures they dont take that one-of-a-kind find that you planned to use on your next page! They can add titles to their pages using creative lettering. Search for creative lettering books or ideas for kids on the web. Look for step by step directions on how to add interest to their lettering. If they enjoy this you can enlist them to create titles for your scrapbooks. Finally, encourage them to journal in their scrapbook photo album. The stories they will tell will be treasured when they grow older. If your child doesnt enjoy writing, or doesnt know what to write about, consider looking for story starters online. Story starters give age appropriate tips and ideas for life story writing. Although they might have more fun picking out stickers and paper, this step may be the most important. Allow them to pick the format for their journaling. They dont need to write an essay about each picture. If they prefer they can use captions or bullets to capture their thoughts and memories. Your pre-teen will have fun while learning all these skills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: