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Seafood seafood can eat whale discount Sohu and fall, whether seafood or tree, called a fresh ah! Crab, shrimp, shellfish, snails, is the most fertile, and nutrition is also very rich. When it comes to eat seafood, the most simple and can keep the original way is boiled. However, general eating Wuhan, how can only boiled? All major restaurants chefs began to engage in new ideas, to "Teppanyaki seafood", "sauna", it is a variety of seafood. So expensive, the truth is only one, that is to let everyone eat a surprise, there is always a taste for you! Wuhan delicacy street and Cedar Road new place, 37° the 2 group of the whale seafood hypermarket, from Qingdao, Weihai, and other daily air fresh seafood seafood production to the Han Dynasty, many varieties, the price level. A variety of seafood is now done, but not processing fees. A floor of a buffet Teppanyaki Teppanyaki area, most of the features are: exquisite materials, all the raw material must be fresh or is the best choice, after the guests were recognized before cooking, Chinese food is different from the guest view of raw materials, but can only enjoy cooking has a good product. The second characteristic is to meet the needs of the guests according to the taste of different people. The two floor is steamed seafood and nutrition point of saying fried fried, fried steamed as well as steaming process, Chinese medicine called sterilization, in the process of steaming dishes can remove harmful ingredients to maximize dishes of raw materials, tableware by steam disinfection, avoid pollution two chance. Steamed to the maximum extent to keep the food taste, shape and nutrition, ensure the nutrients loss, avoid damage and harmful substances caused by uneven heating and frying over nutrition of steamed polyphenol nutrients contained in food, the body is very good. Seafood shop with Steamed Jiaozi, salmon, scallops, shrimp and other food fillings, especially delicious. Steamed seafood, the essence of all seafood, fall into this porridge can be thought of how delicious seafood porridge! Address: Silverpine wansongyuan Road No. 3 Tel: 027-85803372 in Hubei city of Wuhan province from the media, the public, WeChat [Wang] into the shop Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent: Master Wang delicacy QQ:149480720 micro signal (phone): 13986193191相关的主题文章: