Seize the market in the future to actively layout 8K TV panel

Seize the market in the future to actively layout 8K TV panel is no doubt, and now 4K ultra high definition TV has become a high degree of concern products, both domestic and foreign are so. At present, the rapid development of the field of display technology, many panel factory is even 4K Ultra HD 8K into the development plan. Recently, Trend  Force; trendforce’s photoelectric research brand Wits  the latest research shows View, because Taiwan factory 8K TV panel first to get the brand customers, factory factory and panel Chinese, Han also followed suit, making the market has long been concerned about the 8K TV is expected in the second half of mass production, to create a new topic for the market. 8K provides 7680×4320 Wits  Ultra HD resolution; View said, Chinese, with rich resources of large-scale panel plant expansion, Taiwan factory only a step ahead of the launch of a new product to have the opportunity to maintain the leading position, as the development of 4K TV panels, 8K TV panel was also faster pace of development in Taiwan factory. 65 inch 8K panel has been successfully Innolux pushed to the international brands, 65 inch 8K panel AUO also plans in the fourth quarter of this volume, Touch  Taiwan will be able to see the two companies competing with the 8K panel display. In addition, 8K TV panel development China factory of Korea and mainland panel factory not fall behind, the Korean factory is expected by the end of 2016 were launched 98 inch and 65 inch flat surface 8K panel, and Chinese, the largest panel plant BOE is also actively planning the layout, 65 inch (inclusive) to grab the 8K TV panel above the size of the. 8K Ultra HD has a good picture of the performance of most IC design companies are currently lack of support for 8K panel of native SOC (system on chip), only to the existing 4K with SOC, the other MEMC will transmit signal to enhance the collocation of 8K level as the solution way. WitsView further pointed out that 8K playback content can keep up with the pace of hardware development is the key to the popularity of 8K tv. Japan in order to meet the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, has been experimenting with broadcast on the NHK television program 8K, in addition to the rest of the world seems to have no signal and corresponding content can be broadcast, so the 8K panel will become the new main panel factory to sprint revenue and capacity, pending further observation.相关的主题文章: