Selection of vaccine questions Q & a 160922nd – Sohu maternal and child

The vaccine featured 160922nd – Sohu answering 1, Guangdong @xxfish: maternal Wulian after subcutaneous injection of soybean volume durum, and would have never mind Wulian injection, little impact? Dr. Tao Lina: local induration after inoculation is common, observation can, can subside. 2, Fujian @Ethan: ask the doctor Tao, if the children want to go to Hongkong to play 13 valent pneumonia, rotavirus, Wulian, quadrivalent meningitis, the following arrangement is appropriate? Go to Hongkong 5 times: 2? 13 months? First,????, five??, 4? 13, second???? two?, five? Second, 6?? 13? Third? Six, third??, 12? 13, fourth??? First, ACWY? 1.5? Five? Fourth, second?? ACWY?? Dr. Tao Lina: I don’t think I can do that for the last 1 times. The meningococcal vaccine Nimenrix in December at the age of 1, just enough agent. Pentavaccine mainland also has no need to go to Hongkong with. December age can be added 1 doses of four pox vaccine. 3, @ ice cream baby: three months, because the spinal cord vaccine has been out of stock, only a shot can also turn Wulian DTP vaccine? Dr. Tao Lina: Yes, please refer to my micro-blog vaccine and scientific articles. 4, @ @ Hubei gold Mom: Excuse me doctor Tao baby is now one year old, but also with rotavirus vaccine? If vaccination is domestic or imported? With other vaccines (at the end of August hit second hand foot mouth needle) how long vaccination? Can be vaccinated with influenza vaccine at the same time? Looking forward to reply, thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: on the mainland, only domestic vaccine. The import of Hong Kong and Macao can round disease vaccine inoculation effect better, but there is an age limit, 2-6 months can be vaccinated, your baby age. All vaccines can be vaccinated at the same time. 5, Shanghai @ Xuan mother: Excuse me, how long can the following inoculation after BCG vaccine, influenza, chickenpox, foot and mouth, these 3 kinds of vaccine inoculation? Dr. Tao Lina: any interval can be, these 3 vaccines can be vaccinated at the same time, but the vaccination site is not enough. I would like to start with influenza and chicken pox, 1 weeks to fight hand and foot. 6, @ @ @: Dr. Tao, hello! I would like to ask you: my daughter a year and ten months, and is preparing to go to the vaccine, she was a year old one month to one year and four months between the recurrent bronchial pneumonia has been more than three times. They were hospitalized for a week. Pneumonia vaccine. Like her case, now replant pneumonia vaccine have the effect? If so, how do you do it? Vaccination is now 7 with a combination of vaccines, after two years of age and then vaccinated with a single shot of 23 valent polysaccharide vaccine? Or other programs, would like to ask Dr. tao. Thanks very much! Dr. Tao Lina: I recommend vaccination 2 doses of pneumonia combined with a vaccine for 2 months, at the age of 2 and then vaccinated with a 1 dose of 23 valent polysaccharide vaccine. 7, @1.5 Xuxu: Hello, could you help me to ask the doctor Tao, two oral pill price, how long it can exclude the risk of polio, thank you doctor Tao Lina: 1 months on the right..相关的主题文章: