Shaoyang 6 year old boy went abroad to visit relatives, the monkey scratches caused by high fever (v

Shaoyang 6 year old boy to go abroad to visit relatives scratched by monkeys high fever caused by the original title: to go abroad to visit relatives scratched by monkeys, Hunan 6 year old boy high fever Changsha evening palm 6 year old boy who lives in Shaoyang on October 9th news Changsha Ning (a pseudonym) for children in Laos during a visit by a golden monkey baby scratch neighbor the arm was caught a few long bloodstains. Because the hurry to catch the plane to return home, Ning’s parents just washed the wound with water, for simple processing. Who returned home a few days later, Ning children appeared repeated fever and headache, under the advice of local doctors, Ning was sent to the Hunan Children’s Hospital by parents. The doctor introduced, Ning son right arm wounds reached 4 centimeters, bacteria may enter the body, according to the performance of the disease, suspected of septicemia. In addition, it is worth noting that, after the child was scratched by monkeys, not timely disinfection, anti infection treatment, also did not timely vaccination of rabies vaccine, once infected with tetanus or rabies, mortality rate of more than 90%. Experts say, summer and autumn weather is more hot, animal temperament easily produce irritability, while citizens wear less clothing, animal bites, wounding more prone to happen. The public should try to avoid contact with wild animals, food smell, feeding action, sound size and other factors deviation, may lead to animal bite like such self defensive behavior. Need to remind that, by cats, dogs and other animals bite, scratch, if there is skin damage, the first time to rinse with water wound, and within 24 hours to inject vaccine, in order to prevent infection of rabies virus. (Changsha evening news reporter Tang Jiangpeng correspondent Zhan Rong) video recommendation: one minute to teach you to have this. The rabies

邵阳6岁男孩出国探亲被猴子抓伤致高热不退原标题:出国探亲被猴子抓伤,湖南6岁男孩高热不退长沙晚报掌上长沙10月9日讯 家住邵阳的6岁男孩宁儿(化名)因在老挝探亲时,被邻居家的一只金色小猴崽抓伤,胳膊被抓出几道长长的血痕。因为急着赶飞机回国,宁儿的家长只是用清水冲洗了一下伤口,进行简单的处理。谁知回国几天后,宁儿却出现了反复高热和头痛,在当地医生的建议下,宁儿被家长送入了湖南省儿童医院。医生介绍,宁儿右胳膊上的伤口达到了4厘米,细菌可能进入了体内,根据病情表现,疑似患有败血症。另外,值得关注的是,孩子被猴子抓伤后,未及时进行消毒抗感染处理,也未及时接种狂犬疫苗,一旦感染上破伤风或者狂犬病,死亡率达90%以上。专家表示,夏秋季天气较炎热,动物性情容易产生烦躁感,同时市民穿的衣服较少,动物咬人、伤人的情况更容易发生。市民应尽量避免与野生动物接触,食物气味、喂食动作、声音大小等因素出现偏差,都可能导致动物出现咬人这样的自我防御行为。需要提醒的是,被猫、狗等动物咬伤、抓伤,如有皮肤破损,第一时间要用流水冲洗伤口,并在24小时内注射疫苗,以防感染狂犬病毒。(长沙晚报 记者 唐江澎 通讯员 詹蓉)视频推荐: 一分钟教你应对狂犬病丨其有此理相关的主题文章: