Shenzhou car Shanghai responded about car details network driver asked the local household registrat dingxiangwuyuetian

Shenzhou car Shanghai responded about car details: network driver asked the local household registration is too harsh sina finance three new board hearing today, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen announced the service management solutions network about cars draft. Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued the "draft" proposed, net about car driver must be Beijing city residence, Beijing has issued a driver’s license, age 60 years old male, female 55 years of age, physical health, the application, the first 1 years without driving more than 5 times of road traffic safety violations, not the taxi was included in the serious violations of information library. In this regard, the new board listed company said Beijing Shenzhou car, Shanghai and other places of the net about car draft had no effect on the Shenzhou car. Shenzhou car relevant responsible person said on Sina Finance: the first: the introduction of Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen and other regions of the network about the car policy management file relative to the Interim Measures for the Ministry of transportation booking car management is tighter. Second: the Shenzhou car has been in accordance with the Ministry of transportation network about the car guide policy development, and have close communication and transportation departments around the country, has been cooperating with their local management; so the local refinement of the policy of Shenzhou car did not affect. Third: Beijing and Shanghai network about the new draft of the bill requires the local people to become a net about car driver, this policy is too harsh. In addition, Shanghai brokerage analysts said, the Shenzhou car positioning in the car market, the car is their own, do not involve foreign cars, enterprise staff recruitment is of high flexibility, relative to the new deal a huge impact on competitors, the Shenzhou car can read for good. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: