Shop Windows Can Generate In.e With Rear View Projection

UnCategorized The official name of the window imaging system is a rear-view projector. This is a piece of audio-visual kit which is installed inside the shop and projects onto the window screen. The projected image appears on the window to passing traffic and shoppers. The security of the projector is nothing to worry about. The projector is usually ceiling mounted making it difficult to reach and even more difficult to remove. The screen itself looks like a flat television when working. When its switched off though you can see it is a very slim piece of material which again is secured neatly. It would certainly not seen as booty for potential thieves. With cutting edge technology the kit even including installation is low in cost, will last for years, and is bright enough to be seen in bright sunlight. The brighter the image the brighter the projection system must be. The brightness on a projector system is called ANSI lumens. A projector a safe solution, especially if there are children around. In .parison safer than a plasma or LCD screen as it is so much lighter in weight. An audio visual plasma TV can weighs around 20 kg for a 40 inch TV. A projector is very light in .parison at around 10 times less. In some cases a plasma or LCD is perfect. A reputable suppler can guide you with selection of the correct product. The versatility of a projector is far better than a TV. TV can be played through the laptop, but so can PowerPoint presentations or anything else that you would view on a .puter screen. When the projector is installed in retailers windows, it can make you a sizeable in.e of its own. Suppliers often like to sponsor the display, and local businesses will pay to advertise on your system. With this in mind the system will quickly pay for itself and then start to generate extra in.e and at the same time you can advertise your own products. A travel agent was a pilot study customer. It was discovered that the holiday tour operators were .peting for the window space. The tour operators alone gave this customers enough revenue in two months to .pletely pay for the audio visual projector system. Thereafter he generated in.e from the projector and estimated about a third more customers .ing into his shop. Sales increased which overall had been his main aim. Most audio visual suppliers also supply and install other types of projectors, and audio visual equipment, including CCTV and security systems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: