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Short hire giant Airbnb China force, the domestic hotel crisis? Sohu technology rent a house with the world today, the weather in Hangzhou has reached 27 degrees! Made just put on the sweater of the poor gentleman was caught unprepared, once thought spring is coming… Although the weather was very hot, but the night is still very cold, your poor friend or more clothes to prevent colds ~ well, the morning in the United States of the third Airbnb short rental apartment in Losangeles opened a "landlord conference", published a lot of new strategy, bad you think this. Is sharing the future of the economy! Airbnb Logo Airbnb was founded in 2008 is a short rental apartment third party platform, it is a shared economy, encourage the "landlord" will spare room for rent to travelers, the valuation of 30 billion, in a short concession now equivalent to the status of car industry Uber. The content of the landlord’s meeting with the past obviously different, Airbnb appetite, really is getting bigger! Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is selling a wave of feelings, resorted to his childhood photos of the trip. Brian Chesky and his sister (the baby carriage) photo trip brings a deep impression on him, you poor little friends estimated the first time with family travel would feel it, just like entering into a new world, for what is full of freshness with the experience of ~ Chesky after the travel addiction this time, always want to go out to satisfy my curiosity, so with the home crying to go to the North pole… Of course, his family would not agree that the Arctic is too far away, too cold, do not take him. As compensation, the home took him to visit the Anheuser – Bush Corp factory (for his parents’ brain hole, poor gentleman is very convinced)… Because did not go into the Arctic small Chesky down here become dejected and despondent: (a capital for distressed, psychological shadow area) did not succeed Chesky to trouble at home, a few months after the home is too tired, he promised to take him to the Arctic travel home. So he went to the New York North town!!! The photos (you can wear shorts and short sleeved "North") poof, it seems quite happy, the young idea is simple, good perfunctory… Then he said, these memories are the true meaning of travel, but now a lot of people are traveling on the train to sleep, get off the camera, simply can not afford any good memories. In addition to car self, no other instincts tell poor gentleman, when he first started blowing new features to their products! Sure enough, he immediately said that now Airbnb to solve the current tourist market this embarrassing situation, people want to travel to make sense, and become memorable up to my Airbn相关的主题文章: